You Really Don’t Want To Be Happy

Anita DaltonWe think we want happiness and only positive emotions. We don’t. Some of us subconsciously want negative emotions. They are familiar. It’s the way we are used to feeling. That’s right! Most of you attract and create negative situations, people and events that make you feel bad because you want them too.

Think about it. When we were kids we went to haunted houses and scary movies because we wanted to feel scared. We went on roller coasters because we wanted to feel horrified. And this carried on to adulthood. We stare at car crashes. Watch reality shows of people in pain. We are glued to CNN. Plane crashes fascinate us for months at a time. Why do we want to watch negative situations?

I have a store filled with positive feel good books and CD’s. I make them available to all my employees for free. The ones who want to remain victims won’t read them. Oh some of them pretend they have, but I know. Hello, I am Psychic. In AA they have a saying, “When you’re ready, you’ll be ready.”

I went to a Baby Shower last Saturday. All the women there were Recovered Addicts. It was the most pleasant energy I felt all week. There was no blaming, no gossip, and no negativity. Only positive happy, loving patient people. It felt so good. I think every human should do a twelve step program.

Hurt people hurt other people. That’s how pain gets passed on from one generation to the next. Someone hurt you and now you hurt someone else. When you take responsibility for your choices, you remove the need to blame others. It’s so powerful. You can actually remove the innate need to feel bad. Conflict is resolved in the mind.
Argument and adversity are resolved by identifying the personalities of the ego, which are the basis for all human suffering.

So stop feeling bad now. Make a choice to meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness, grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget. Let go and let God handle it. LOVE IS THE WEAPON OF THE FUTURE.

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