Instagram Live Sale Rules

Live Sales Rules for Sedona New Age Live Crystal Sales
1. To claim and item: comment the price and item letter.
The price is the number ON THE STICKER.
For example: 24 A, or 36 B
2. The first person that we see in the chat on our end to claim, gets the item.
We will announce that person in the chat as the one who gets the item
3. All prices for Live Sales include USPS shipping.
4. Next please DM us with your name and email. Include item number.
5. No put backs, switches or changes.
6. Payment must be made within 24 hours of Sale ending.
Anyone claiming an item who does not not follow thru with payment will be blocked from all future sales.
7.  When the live sale ends, we will invoice you thru Paypal. (Please be sure Paypal has
your correct address).

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