Paths to Enlightenment

Eight ways to say Hello and Welcome!

Who are you? Why have you come to the Web site of The Center For The New Age? What do you think would be best for you? What is your highest insight and aspiration?

This Web site may be your introduction to the Center – your first contact with us. Please take advantage of all we have to offer.

Here we have outlined eight considerations – Eight pathways or Eight gateways from which you are free to choose. Which among the eight paths catches your attention? A single one – some combination or all of the eight? Listening to the One or listening to the Many, what do you hear? This is all that is important.

As you approach the Center give yourself permission to expand and to experiment – to test new ideas and to hear the voice of wisdom – your wisdom responding to the words and ideas presented here. In these Eight pathways we have said many things and we have offered many possibilities. At the same time we have really said the same thing over and over, “Wake up and come home!”

The Center for the New age is at your service. If we can be of help please call of come by the store in Sedona. Until then read what interests you and feel free come back as often as you like.

The Staff of the Center for The New Age salutes you! We recognize your presence, your existence in society and the universe! In other words…


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