Melinda-UFO Tour

Come have a psychic reading with Melinda on the scenic banks of Sedona’s Oak Creek.

Get insight and answers from your spirit guides and from those who’ve passed to the other side. Melinda Leslie has over 30 years experience as a professional psychic.

Melinda is a Medium and Channel making contact with your:

Family or friends who have passed on: Communication with those who’ve crossed over. Your loved ones provide her validation of their presence so you can experience a true deep connection or if closure is what you seek.

Spirit Guides: Meet your’s and get their insight and direction for all areas of your life or clarify your path and manifest your dreams.

Angels and Light Beings: Receive spiritual guidance and healing energies.

Otherworldly Entities, Ghosts and ETs: Find out who or what is around you, verification of contact, understanding, and support for your unique experiences.

Melinda’s profound psychic insight will help you:

Navigate through life’s ups & downs and get the direction you need.

Get on the path you came here to do and achieve your goals.

Discover your psychic gifts and learn how to use them to enhance your life.


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Melinda also does readings by telephone. Not able to visit Sedona or the Center for the New Age? Just call for the same excellent service Melinda gives all her clients.

Melinda also does couples readings, families, and loves to help children and teens get the right start on their life path.

Melinda Leslie is a researcher, investigator, and lecturer in the field of Ufology for over 24 years. She is the Director of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona and conducts nighttime UFO sky watching investigation tours with the use of military Generation III Night Vision Goggle equipment, as well as daylight UFO “hotspot” tours, and spiritual vortex tours in the amazing scenic beauty that is Sedona.

Nighttime UFO Tours

Spiritual Vortex Experiences

Come learn to bend metal with your mind at Melinda’s weekly PK Party –Spoon Bending Class.  PK is short for Psychokinesis which is the ability to effect matter with your mind.  In Melinda’s Spoon Bending Class you’ll experience what can be accomplished when you focus your energy and mind to unlock your unlimited potential.

Click here for Spoon Bending Class

She also conducts weekly UFO Discussion Groups for those that wish to share their personal experience, hear about her abduction and sighting experiences, or have questions. All things UFO and ET are discussed and everyone is welcome.

Click here for UFO Discussion Group.

Don’t forget to come see UFOs with her… and yes… you really do!

Melinda Leslie is an abductee, has been public with her own personal experiences for over 24 years, and for 20 years has investigated and researched a covert military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases. For four years Melinda was Director of two UFO abduction experiencer support groups and continues to provide consultation and support to abductees on a regular basis.

Could You be Experiencing ET Contact?

Melinda has also been a UFO Investigator and Researcher for over 24 years and has conducted numerous investigations of individual UFO sighting cases and known sighting “hot spots” such as Sedona.

Melinda was also the Co-Founder and investigator with the Orange County Paranormal Researchers, a team consisting of trained and experienced investigators specializing in scientific methods for providing evidence and verification for the existence of paranormal occurrences. The team conducted investigations for 20 years and specialized in continuation of consciousness (ghost hunting and life after death) research. Ask about her ET or ghost experiences or share your own!

Melinda’s research or experiences have been written about in ten books, she’s been featured on many TV shows, and she’s a frequent guest on many radio shows such as the number 1 rated Coast to Coast AM.

Melinda is available for speaking engagements on any topic and enthralls audiences with her demonstration presentation: UFO Hunting with Night Vision Technology & Sedona’s UFOs.

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Medium, Communication with those that have passed over, Spirit Guides, Channel, Dream Interpretation, Phone Readings, Tours, Workshops, Angels, Ghosts and ETs. Aura cleansings, Chakra alignments, laying on of hands, and energy work.

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  1. Firstly, Beware! Being in Sedona amps up everyone’s most meager psychic gifts. But find your way to the Center for the New Age Shop and meet warm, non -weird, highly knowledgeable folks amid a marvelously complete selection of healing minerals, and a bevy of psychics not on an ego or manipulative trip. The cherry on top is the night vision guided tours by UFOlogist Melinda Lesley. There’s more company to them thar skies!
    – Rebecca H., Baltimore visitor

  2. I really enjoyed the experience. Melinda was very knowledgeable. She is able to tailor the information given to the knowledge level of the group. Her technology was state of the art. We honesty saw at least 10 UFO’s. I had high expectations, but I was still blown away by the sightings. Most of all I really enjoyed talking with Melinda. She does not mess around, and has fully studied this area most of her life. I learned so much from her, and fully studied. I connected with her story and her experience. I would recommend this tour to all levels of believers, and I would happily drag all skeptics along to wake them up. I had a great time! Love you Melinda.
    – Mathew F.

  3. I had a full life questions reading with Melinda Leslie and she channeled me very critical life changing messages from my spirit guides. She blew me away….with her accuracy of life facts about me….and I was ready for TRUTH, not candy coated spiritual guidance. Some of what she told me was upsetting and not what I wanted to here but indeed confirmed the TRUTH. I am so grateful there is someone like Melinda Leslie in the world available to me and others to channel the answers we need in life directly from our own spirit guides to make a positive impact on our life.

    The time flew by..and I even scheduled another reading to finish my inquiry about more important info to assist me in my life. I suggest you try Melinda Leslie and you too may be just as GRATEFUL as I am to have her read for me.

  4. Reviewed August 24, 2014
    We had the joy of going with Melinda on her UFO Sighting Tour, simply amazing and worth every penny. Can’t say enough good things about her and the Center. She took us to a Sedona vortex and I don’t think we ever went 10 minutes without a sighting, and we were out for 3 hours! The most amazing sighting was a large white light, relatively low, it was the brightest object in the sky. It was just zipping along and mistaken for a plane by us at first, but it wasn’t flashing, then I turned a dark amber and zipped off! It was confirmed not much later by two hikers that were out where they shouldn’t be. The first thing they said when they saw us is “we saw a UFO!” We had one that responded to the laser pointer with flashes, a “jumper” that would flash ever few seconds as it appeared and disappeared. Can’t wait to go again! Thanks Melinda, tour #333 was a massive success! Juergen H.

  5. Reviewed August 12, 2014
    Thank you Melinda! Words cannot describe the impact that Melinda has had on my life. Melinda is a gift from our creator. I had never been to a medium before in my life, when I first met Melinda I was skeptical, within minutes that all changed. Melinda has legitimate, amazing abilities. Love you Melinda, Thank you! Neal J.

  6. Reviewed July 16, 2014
    Fun time! Took the Spoon Bending class with Melinda Leslie and actually learned to use psychokinesis to bend spoons & forks (I was a skeptic but after doing it myself I’m no longer skeptical). If you’re doing anything ‘New Age’ in Sedona (and Sedona is the New Age capital of the southwest) make sure to visit The Sedona Center for the New Age.

  7. Reviewed June 15, 2014
    The store has many spiritual amenities and gifts to choose from, as well as psychics, healers, etc. We also booked a UFO sightseeing tour with Melinda. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical, I have to see to believe. Other than my girlfriend and I, there were two others for the event. We met at 8:15 and headed to the location. We used two pair of military style goggles and also had a laser pointer.
    On the way, Melinda explained the differences between the signatures in military & civilian aircraft and satellites. Shortly after arriving, we started seeing the lights which equated to unidentified aircraft. We would flash them with the pointer and some a casually brightened up, as if signaling back.
    It was an experience that I still want to research and repeat. That being said, I do believe that we aren’t the only inhabited planet, so what’s not to believe about other life forms? It was a great evening, usually lasts about 2 hrs we were told. But, we were having so many “hits”, that we stayed almost 3. Melinda is such a wonderful person, highly recommended if you visit Sedona.

  8. Reviewed May 31, 2014
    Melinda took my husband & I out for a UFO Sighting Tour and even with the Oak Creek Canyon/Slide Fires & heavily overcast sky we spotted at least 10 “unknown” objects, one Double, several that flew off or turned on an angle in midflight and one that zig-zagged/bounced. We were only out for about 45mins to an hour and left early due to cloud banks – it was amazing…. Melinda really knows what to look for and explained how to spot satellites, commercial and military planes. Thanks Melinda for an amazing experience…. We hope to come back and see you soon! Hobie

  9. “UFO Viewing with Melinda Leslie”
    Reviewed April 30, 2014
    Melinda Leslie is a fun and informative guide for a UFO viewing trip while in Sedona. There were four in our group, and it was definitely a great evening. We met a wonderful couple from Texas. We viewed the stars and ??? with military-grade night vision goggles that lite up the skies. We drove up into the mountains, between several vortex. Melinda regaled us with UFO abductions, sightings, and the many experiences she has had. The weather was great, viewing was interesting, companions and guide…fantastic.

  10. “Melinda Leslie is great! Melinda gave me a reading on January 18, 2013. At the end, I asked about my Mom who was 94 and in a nursing home in Iowa. She said that Mom was ready to die but that she was afraid. Melinda said I was the only one in my family who could talk to her about the dying process and that I should go visit her soon. (I had planned on going in May but Melinda said it should be sooner.) The next day while driving through the desert, I “rehearsed” many times in my head what I would say to Mom when I saw her. The following day, Sunday, January 20, 2013, I was in T or C, NM and around 11 am I noticed a lot of agitation in my solar plexus and heart area. Immediately I again began talking to Mom in my head, telling her over and over to “go to the light.” My phone buzzer was off but when I checked it, I had received a call from my brother, and then I knew for sure she had passed. The nursing home told my brother that Mom had taken a nap after her usual breakfast in the dining room and that she had passed peacefully in her sleep. I believe that I was meant to talk to Melinda Leslie that Friday and that without her suggestions to me, my Mom may not have passed as peacefully as she seems to have done. Thanks so much Melinda!!”

    Anita P., West Chester, OH

  11. “Melinda Leslie the real deal. I was so blessed to have a reading done by Melinda. Let me tell you in all my years I have never had a medium be so spot on as Melinda was. She not only got the vibe of my latest life experiences but actually was able to tell me everything that has happened in my life over the last 36 months almost using names. There is absolutely no way she could have known any of that as I live in New York and have never even traveled to her part of the country. I cherish the thoughts she shared with me and know she’s THE REAL DEAL. Thanks Melinda awesome job you are AMAZING!”

    Roxanne W., Spring Valley, New York

  12. “We asked Melinda to do a reading for my son. Now, entertainment was our main goal, because we are undecided about such things, but we reasoned that if there was a chance his reading could help him, why not get entertained and assisted at the same time? His birth mother died in child birth with him, and he is currently having massive struggles with ADHD, focus, attitude, and motivation, so we thought it couldn’t hurt to see if there might be a message for him that might help. Wow! She described his mother to me (to a “T”)! She gave him very inspiring messages that truly did alter the path he was on. Thank goodness! She also asked about someone who’s name started with a “C” and sounded like a “K”. My son has a sister two years older than him whose name is Caila. Melinda gave Caila an important life-changing message, also. (They have the same birth mother. I married their father.)

    I want to say that although I am a scientific, skeptical type of person, the objective facts are plain to see– 1. We were very entertained. 2. There is a change in my son and daughter that is visible. 3. Melinda is an extremely sincere, likable person.”

    Bonnie B., Kansas City, Missouri

  13. I was in Sedona last week and had an amazing first trip to the area. I knew I wanted to meet with a medium and hoped to connect a loved one. I saw Melinda walk through the Center while shopping and felt she had good energy. When I read her “information sheet” I had a strong sense I wanted to meet with her.

    It worked out that I was able to meet with her the morning before we left town. Melinda spent some time in the beginning (before the session) explaining to me how she connected with the spirit realm, which was very helpful. I had never met with a medium, so her sharing with me was a real gift and helped me to relax and connect as well.

    Within 5 minutes of the session beginning Melinda began receiving connection and information that were “spot on”! I connected with 2 lost loved ones and it was a life-changing experience. I highly recommend Melinda and the gifts she has to offer.

    We also had aura pictures taken and everything Jamie shared with us was completely in line with messages we had already received and confirmed things we sensed in our hearts.

    The store was my favorite place to shop as well. Great ENERGY

    Todd S. – Dallas, Texas

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