Psychic & UFO Tour Guide

Melinda is a Medium and Channel making contact with your:

Family or friends who have passed on: Communication with those who’ve crossed over. Your loved ones provide her validation of their presence so you can experience a true deep connection or if closure is what you seek.

Spirit Guides: Meet your’s and get their insight and direction for all areas of your life or clarify your path and manifest your dreams.

Angels and Light Beings: Receive spiritual guidance and healing energies.

Otherworldly Entities, Ghosts and ETs: Find out who or what is around you, verification of contact, understanding, and support for your unique experiences.

Melinda’s profound psychic insight will help you:

Navigate through life’s ups & downs and get the direction you need.

Get on the path you came here to do and achieve your goals.

Discover your psychic gifts and learn how to use them to enhance your life.

Come have a psychic reading with Melinda on the scenic banks of Sedona’s Oak Creek. Get insight and answers from your spirit guides and from those who’ve passed to the other side. Melinda Leslie has over 30 years experience as a professional psychic.

Meet Your Psychic


What My Customers Are Saying

Melinda was very knowledgeable and fun during our UFO tour. I appreciated that she wasn’t all “business” to end exactly on time and she was very personable. I learned so much.
– Luna J.