Certified Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Empath, Numerologist, Energy Healer


I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you! We are all here to walk each other home. I’m here to remind you of what you already know deep inside, what you may have forgotten – that you are a divine spark of light! And you’re never alone.

I was highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive as a child, having premonitions and feeling others’ emotions, and I didn’t understand what they were or how to manage them. My spiritual awakening and healing journey began 15 years ago, at which point I dove deep into self-work, healing, meditation, yoga, and traveling the world seeking wisdom and understanding of global beliefs and deep truths.

I’ve completed two intense Vipassana meditation courses, experienced several Buddhist temple-stays in Asia, completed studies at Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, and acquired certification in reiki energy healing, sound healing, past life regression therapy, and other healing modalities. I have studied numerology for 10 years and have seen thousands of charts; it’s hard for me not to see numbers in everyone and everything! I see numerology as a way for us to take a peek at our soul’s map so we can gain a better understand of why we are here, where we are in our journey, why we have certain behavioral or relationship patterns, what energies may manifest in the years ahead of us, and so much more. I have taken years to build a relationship with my team of Spirit Guides and Angels who assist me during my sessions; they are powerful, loving teachers who guide us to see everything from a Higher perspective. I use my intuitive and empathic abilities to help bring you insights, understanding, and guidance.

I create an intentional sacred healing space for our session, calling in my team of Spirit Guides and Angels to surround you in Light and Love during our time together. Many clients have commented on how they feel lighter, freer, and more uplifted within a few short minutes of being enfolded by the energy in my office. My intention with our session is to help you gain clarity, feel lighter, and connect with the Light and Love within yourself.



Gain clarity in: life purpose, love, career, manifestation, relationships, life lessons, your innate gifts, abundance, Spirit Guides, your spiritual awakening & your healing journey
Numerology charting: understand what energy year you are in & how that may manifest for you, what energies will present themselves in the years ahead, the cycles of your present life chapter, your life path & lessons, the gifts you have to offer the world, relationship patterns & compatibility, and more
Intuitive reading: uplifting, healing, loving guidance from Spirit
Past Lives: understand patterns, relationships & energies from past lives and how they relate to your current life
Angel Oracle Card pulling
Spiritual Counseling
Guidance and deeper understanding on intentions set for the session


This session lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the complexities of your charts. We will be looking at each individual’s numerology charts to gain a better understanding of how each person shows up in the relationship, what they’re meant to learn and work on, how they are most compatible, how they communicate, their life purpose and what is fulfilling to them, as well as what bonds the couple, what energy years they are in individually and what that means for the couple, and so much more. I can also provide family charting upon request so we can take a look at the entire family!


Energy healing is a holistic method that rebalances the body’s energy flow, aiming to enhance well-being by directing universal life force energy to specific energy points and parts of the body with the intention of improving wellness and inner harmony. Higher energies of Divine Light & Healing are invoked for your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies. Your chakra system is cleansed by removing negative energy. This healing unblocks & channels energy to restore balanced energy flow to chakras (energy points along the body) & various parts of the body. I act as a magnifying glass for universal Light and Love to focus and direct energy according to the intentions we set for the session. (Completed lying face up)


You will be guided into a relaxed state to access soul-deep memories of your previous lives that are locked in the unconsciousness. This process is used to explore unresolved issues, phobias, or patterns that may have origins in past experiences. By revisiting these past lives, PLR aims to free you from the past and help you gain insights, heal from past traumas, and find personal growth in your present lives. The information received in the PLR is always pertinent & meaningful for your current life.


Sound bowl healing is a therapeutic practice that utilizes crystal bowls tuned to specific tones that resonate at frequencies compatible with your energy system. Sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing, cleansing, and transforming energy. Everything is vibrating energy, including us! Immerse yourself in the powerful, soothing vibrations of sound bowls. These soothing and harmonious vibrations facilitate deep relaxation, reduce stress, and balance energy within the body. As the sound envelops you, it can promote a meditative state, helping to alleviate tension and promote overall well-being. These crystal bowls emit vibrational frequencies that penetrate the body’s tissues; this deep-reaching resonance induces a state of profound relaxation and recalibration, extending to the cellular level. The power of sound healing has been substantiated by studies, revealing physical benefits of sound bowl healing, such as aiding in digestion, supporting muscle regeneration, and fortifying the immune system. Sound bowl healing is a serene and holistic approach to enhance your mental and emotional equilibrium.

Intention + Vibrational Frequency = Healing


The Lotus Healing is an energy healing technique that involves breaking up stuck, stagnant energy throughout the body, removing energy blocks along the spinal cord, then soothing the energy flow, readying the energy body to receive & rebalance. (Completed lying face down) (only 30 min)


Not visiting Sedona anytime soon and looking for some guidance? Call the Center for the New Age or book online to set up a phone reading.


Distance energy healing is a powerful practice that transcends physical boundaries. With focused intention and the understanding that energy knows no limits, I channel healing Love and Light to individuals regardless of location. This remote approach taps into the interconnectedness of all things, offering healing, balance, and renewal on a profound level. Whether you’re near or far, distance energy healing aims to bring about positive transformation and rejuvenation for your mind, body, and spirit.


Get the most out of your session by receiving clarity, guidance and healing energy. My role in your journey is to assist you with your intentions.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you! Love & Light

After years of meditation, yoga, and reiki I experienced an awakening and profound opening to Spirit. I met a team of light beings and angels who offered to help me bring healing and awakening to others; I answered the call to be a Lightworker.

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What My Customers Are Saying

“I had my first reading and it was one of the most moving things I’ve experienced in a very long time. Feels like getting a clean slate from the understanding and growth.” -Samuel T.
“Amazing reading. Once in a lifetime experience. Opened my eyes up to my souls purpose. I’m forever grateful.” – Jennifer D.
“My reiki session with Melanie was excellent! I had broken my arm there in Sedona, while hiking the airport trail 2 days earlier, and was in significant pain. It was on short-notice and in an immediate allowable time span that I booked my reiki session, but Melanie graciously agreed to see me, and I found her to be a compassionate, informative, and gifted reiki healer. After 2 days of suffering distracting levels of pain, after my session with her, the pain was not even noticeable! Thank you all once again, and many bright blessings for the future!” – Anne K.
“I went to get answers and I did get them, Melanie was sensitive and caring my reading was honest and clear.” – Alejandro M.
“The entire experience was lovely. Kindness was shown as well as acceptance, it was life changing for me.” – Lisa P.
“Melanie Hope lived up to her [reputation]. She provided me with spiritual hope where there was no hope at all. I live [nearby] and just had to get away. I was in a dark place. It was not my plan or intention to visit Center for the New Age when I arrived to Sedona… I went in not knowing what to expect and full of doubt. Maybe I just needed someone to talk to. I got that and much more. I now see a pathway to future possibilities where before there were none. Thank you Melanie Hope and the two at the info desk. I’ll be back to see Ms. Hope in the not so distant future.” – Bernard C.
“I got a session with Melanie and she is amazing! I recommended her to my group of friends and we all loved her and were very impressed with her.” – Trang N.
“Interaction with Melanie Hope was tremendous and her level of skill, foresight and knowledge was top notch.” – Wally C.
“Melanie was wonderful, sensitive and insightful in giving me messages from her guides and angels!!! I appreciate her very supportive and uplifting approach in helping me grow further.” – Alice C.
“Melanie is an amazing light- I had such a fabulous experience with her” – Margaret S.
“Melanie Hope was spot on with everything she said. So kind and compassionate. I truly appreciate my experience. Thank you!” -Liz C.
“Melanie was amazing. Such an incredible experience.” – Rebekah D.
“Melanie!!! I have NEVER in my life met such an intuitive special and unique psychic/healer/intuitive/clairvoyant reader (of the soul!) I have been told/retold, taught/retaught the same things by many psychics – tons of money later. Not that it was all bad, I learned valuable things but Melanie was different. Within the 45 minutes we spent together, from the first instance she felt my energy she knew exactly what she needed to do (with intuition and guidance from spirit) to give me the exact information and personal messages I needed to hear at the exact right time by no coincidence at all. She reminded me of my soul’s purpose and took me out of a stagnant rut of confusion and remotivated me to keep following this path so I can serve my life’s purpose – which I had almost gave up on. She takes her time with you and it is crystal clear she is working with positive love and light from spirit and from a genuine heart that consists of only the purest of intentions. Obviously she does this for a living, but it is immediately obvious that she does this mainly from her heart.” – Monica L.
“My fiance and I had a couples reading with Melanie, and it really resonated with both of us. Only regret is that we only booked 30 minutes, wish we’d had more time!” -Elizabeth K.
“It was a very beautiful reading and very enlightening! Thank you!” – Irasema M.
“She was accurate and helped me feel a little more at peace.” – Arianna W.
“I was able to walk in and get an appointment immediately with Melanie who was great. She was spot on with my husband and my personalities and needs for the next few years. It was very interesting.” – Mary B. H.
“Melanie was wonderful and so informative!!!! I loved my reading.” -Lisa C