Zodiac Tarot

Zodiac Tarot

When Tarot is combined with aspects of the Zodiac –an astrological tarot – the characteristics of the Zodiac sign that appears in a client’s card distribution are thought to be relevant to the client’s fortune. Following is a listing of the 12 signs of the Zodiac with pertinent insight should any of them appear in the Tarot spread.


First sign of the Zodiac, Aries personalities are extremely forceful. They blaze through life without much care in the world. When they see something they want, they go right after it, no matter what’s in the way. Aries people are adventurous, courageous, energetic, and assertive people. Aries is a go-getter, and if you can get this personality type on your side, you can be sure that you will do many extreme things with them.


The Taurus personality is one of great strength, solid to the core, and at times can be most stubborn. Just like the bull, Taurus will not give up no matter what the costs. He charges through with great strength, butting heads if he has too. Taurus also has a considerable amount of emotions floating around in that heart of his, and this is generally why he stays so persistent. Taurus does not like change, and this is where the stubbornness of the bull can really cause problems. The bull will only rise to the occasion when he has too, but when he does, you better look out because nothing is going to stop him or turn him aside.


The Gemini personality is a very knowledgeable and a very open one. Gemini are usually extremely versed in the ways of the world, and they love to tell anyone and everyone what they know. Geminis can’t seem to keep their minds made up on one thing for very long and the Gemini personality sometimes has difficulty with decision making. Just when they are ready to commit and take a chance on something new, their rational side kicks in and throws a wrench in the mix. Gemini make long lasting friends, and very good lovers. They always think of others, and on more then one occasion will place other peoples feelings above their own.


Cancer is the true nurturer of the Zodiac, always caring and considering others‘ well being. Cancer is an extremely emotional sign, and is closely related to the feminine aspect, or the mother. Cancers motives are almost always pure and this makes for a very beautiful and lovable person. Although the Cancer personality can be very vulnerable at times, it has its defenses. People born under this sign tend to be shy and keep their distance. Cancer is always quick to forgive and their strength lies in their ability to move past petty issues. Although sometimes gullible, Cancer always rebounds and turns a dark situation light.


Leo is a truly unique sign in that it takes everything to heart, but yet always stays in the dominant position. Passion, Desire, and Creativity are Leo’s middle name. Leo combines all three to push life to its limits to withdraw life’s ultimate pleasures. Leo people always look good, and try to persuade others to be lavish in their styling. Leo reminds us all that looking good and feeling good is an important part of life. They always place their heart before their head, sometimes making rash decisions that result in messy affairs.


Virgo is the sign of the realist. Virgo’s earthy nature is well informed of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The Virgo personality is a very controlled one. Virgos pick up where others leave off because they need to have the understanding of the finer details of life. Virgos are overwhelmingly focused. One of the main focuses of Virgo is work. Virgos are always in need of leaving a good impression. This is why they have the unfair reputation of being a perfectionist.


Much of Libra’s work is dedicated to pleasing others rather then the self. This leads them to be extremely fair to others, but rather unfair to themselves. Libras always share their love and their life with others. They are a very outward and outgoing personality and tend to make swift but just decisions, propelling them toward great achievements in this life. Libras are team players. They work extremely well with others and are not so dedicated to the project, but to the team.


No one is safe from the prying eyes of the Scorpio. The intuitive nature of the Scorpio is designed to penetrate what others hold as their deepest secrets. One way or another a Scorpio will find out what it wants to know. Only they may never show you their true feelings about what they have found. Scorpio is subtle, persistent, and extremely determined in all its different facets. A natural digger of facts, Scorpio always has ulterior motives that are not quite apparent on the surface.


Sags are always looking for answers to life’s big questions. They tend to be extremely sincere and open-minded, but at times they can be overwhelmingly tactless and thoughtless in regards to others. They plunge fully into relationships, but prefer freedom, rather then commitment. Sagittarians need their freedom to explore. If their freedom is infringed upon, they can be quite belligerent. Their relationships have to be in a give and return fashion, otherwise they will place their aim into another direction.


When in their natural and balanced nature, Capricorns are extreme workers. Their work comes second to none, even when considering relationships. Capricorn relationships are steady and slow and Capricorns are extremely careful in choosing their “lifetime” partner. Capricorns are looking for security, and nothing else will do. They are extremely loyal and reliable, but can be somewhat closed-minded when it comes to other peoples’ ideas and goals. Capricorns are heavily focused on the self, and what they need to accomplish in order to succeed in this life.


Aquarians are extremely friendly, willing, loyal, and idealistic. However, Aquarians have extremely “emotionally detached” personalities. This is positive in the manner that they can see a problem for what it is and come to a realistic, and just resolution, but negative in manner because they clearly display a lack of empathy for the hardships of others. Aquarians are thinkers. Their mind is always working, solving problems, or analyzing their surroundings. Although Aquarians have what it takes to truly change the world, their nature is sometimes too inward to make those changes come to pass.


Pisces is an extremely emotional and nurturing sign. This is the dreamer and Pisces people routinely indulge themselves in their own inner world to escape the reality of everyday life. Pisces tend to be loners, but once established in a relationship, they are extremely romantic, and caring. They have a tendency to set their expectations too high for their relationships, sometimes causing major turmoil in their love life. Pisces individuals are extremely sympathetic, but at times can be most impractical when put under pressure. They are visionary, and sensitive. They are extremely receptive and don’t need to read into other people to find their own self worth.

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