Certified Theata Healer/Preeminent Psychic

We are all looking for that ‘edge’ in life that will make our futures just a little bit easier. Whether you have been struggling with health problems, relationship discord, or an absence of one entirely, getting insights on our paths, how we have laid them out & how that directs our destiny, is more than a passing curiosity. For most, it is a burning desire that consumes our attention and energy when we are stuck or feeling a lack of purpose.

Veronica is a born empath or clairsentient, a descendant of her practice as a third-generation water-witch, has a connection that is profound to the land around her & the people that are coming & seeking assistance. As a professional psychic in Sedona, AZ, with over a decade of experience, extensive training with Theta Healing, a level 2 QHHT practitioner & a student of Dephi University, she has a gift in discovering emotional blocks, health issues & latent psychic abilities within her clients and helps her clients discover the tools they need in their own lives to move forward with grace, ease & empowerment.

We are very faceted, complex & layered beings that get caught in the complicated ebbs & flows of life that keep us away or distracted from ourselves. By having a reading with Veronica, you will walk away with a renewed sense of faith in life, a deeper connection to self & others, with insight & awareness that can change the course of your life.

Channeling, DNA Activation, Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, Past Life Reading, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy

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What My Customers Are Saying

Veronica was knowledgeable, patient and professional. The information and insight she provided was invaluable.
– Lisa M.