Spirit guided us to this special place which centuries earlier was used by ancient people as a ceremonial site. We were guided by Spirit to open the Center at this place which is now the heart of spirituality in Sedona.

Anita Dalton, Director of the Center for the New Age, has followed her destiny in creating a workplace focused on higher-consciousness.

“Our MISSION is INTEGRITY and SERVICE to the Sedona community and to all visitors who come seeking their truth and spiritual path.”

We’ve searched the globe and pulled the most accurate Psychics and Healers and amazing Massage-Therapists from all over the world who have come here to be part of this special community, whose energy makes them even more psychic. Their services are offered at the Center daily and by phone at (928) 282-2085.

Our Building includes a Bookstore, Crystal Shop, incredible imported God and Goddess Gallery. We offer Spirit-Guided Tours to the vortexes and other sacred sites. In addition, on-going lectures, seminars, channelings and other evening activities are available at the CENTER. Visit our Calendar for more information.

We provide many free services, such as Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and Informational Vortex Maps.