Psychic: Elizabeth

Mystic/ Spiritual Counselor/ Visionary Artist: Elizabeth Silk

Native American Chippewa/Sioux British descent:

Elizabeth Awakens the Soul within us all.
Elizabeth’s Passion to touch & Heal the Soul is evident in the Amazing breakthroughs she has witnessed. “There is a Magical feeling of fulfillment when one connects to another human being!”
Elizabeth has resided in Sedona for over 26 years and has facilitated many healings from Fear to Love to Freedom.
“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
We as a society suffering through our belief that we are separate!
What I teach is that those feelings of aloneness, lacking Love, Lacking security and lacking oneness was a decision learned through the conditioning of fear!
“Love needs no defense” In understanding this, ask yourself, what are you defending yourself from? Oftentimes we find the very thing we desire, we are defending ourselves from, thus keeping it away!
I will guide you back to Love by helping you Release whatever stands between your happiness, confidence, security, oneness, success, lovingness, openness, value, self-worth & Self-love, One word FREEDOM!
Let go of resentments, past hurts, anger, Hate, disapproval, judgement, grief, pride etc. (however justified by your mind!).
Holding on to these things keeps us separate & blocks the sunlight of the spirit from shining through us!
This is your story that you have to bring back to love!
All of the great teachers tell us the same thing, Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi and so on….Love them all & BE the change you wish to see in the world!
Say YES to it all! In doing so you are letting go of RESISITENCE that which you resist persists!
I have worked with many people afflicted with Anxiety, depression & in some cases within 15 minutes working with them they feel lighter and free in that moment!
It takes Trust! It is an honor & privilege to have gained their Trust & with it comes great Responsibility to be a guide!
Desire to become AWAKE & Disciplined (as a disciple)
Conscious and always striving to become more AWARE and processing a deep desire to know GOD/GOOD.
I also use Runes, Iching, cards, Reiki, Sound healing, Chakra balancing, Aura Art, Native Ceremonies & Vortex tours.
You cannot heal your mind with your mind!
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!
“Be the Love that you already are! NOW!!!