Psychic: Fei


Spirit Connections
Find your soulmates
Chakra Clearing/alignment
Curse & spells Removal
Aura Repairing
Astral Parasite Removal
Entities & Demons Removal
Medical Intuitive
Body/mind/spirit Healings
DNA Reprograming
Karma Removal
Self- forgiveness & Self- love
Certified Life Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

Along journey from Taiwan. Fei Chan has put herself through college with the BS Degree in Account/Investment and Electronic Engineer technology degree. After working in the New York Stock Exchange for over 10 years, she took the career in Federal Aviation as Radar/Communication Engineer Tech. After over forty some years in the labor market, she retired. Certified as clinical hypnotherapist, life coaching and as a Reiki and spiritual healing, Fei Chan has begun her lifetime dream to serve humanity.

While she was still working at FAA as an Engineer Technician, she went deep into meditation daily to release the pressures at work. One day she made connection with an Ascended Master, Maitreya to whom has bestowed her with so much wisdom, love and knowledge through telepathic communication. As she tried to translate the world “Maitreya” into Chinese, the definition from the dictionary stated that her beloved teacher is a famous “Buddha” in China for thousands of years. Hence, she established “Maitreya Mystery School”, giving retreat and classes several times a year.

Born with the burning desire to find God, Fei has been gifted with clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentient. She studied metaphysis for over 50 years, from the knowledges taught by Rosicrucian to the Ancient School of Wisdom and various Ascended Masters, she traveled to the Himalaya Mountains to find her beloved master and the healing powers of love and wisdom. She realized that real freedom comes from one’s ability to conquer the limitation of oneself and reach into the mind of God. The adventure in the quantum world is the absolute freedom of all.

With the gifts of the masters, Fei is ready to share and to help people to find their true self within, to heal their pains, remove the blockages and empower them and help them to manifest their inner most desires and dreams.

Psychic Reader Fei