Art of Tarot

How many of us have felt the need in life to consult a psychic, or to use a divination tool such as cards or coins to foretell future events? You would not be alone in this approach, for every culture from the beginning of time, has used some form of magic to find meaning and guidance for their lives. The Nordic Europeans have the Runes; the Chinese utilize the I Ching; the Greeks and even before them, the Egyptians, mastered Astrology.

For over five hundred years, tarot cards have provided one of the many ways to seek guidance. With the seventy-eight card deck, people have been able to reach beyond the restrictions of conventional thought and tap into the help available to them from their own inner minds, via the cards. The pictures on the cards turn on the light bulb in our minds through the very fact that they are pictures – symbolic representations of ideas that resonate with us.

Tarot has a structure that is both logical, in that it is numerically ordered, and functional, in that the symbols are connected to life’s events and experiences. There are the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana numbered from zero to twenty-one, and the fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana, divided into four suits of fourteen cards each. The names for the tarot are all Italian and “arcana” translates into the word “secrets.” This is most appropriate as the Tarot is in tune with that part of our psyche where many mysteries reside. These seventy-eight cards have become a popular psychological tool to unlock and delve into subconscious needs and goals. So, besides being a powerful tool to predict the future, answer questions about others we care about, or seeing past events, Tarot is a fascinating device to look at the secret world of ourselves!

In order to do so, you must have a tarot deck to work with. It is traditional that one’s first deck be given to you as a gift and that once you get the deck, it should be kept in a wooden box or silk or velvet pouch. However, if there is no one to do the giving which is so often the case, it is perfectly acceptable for you to buy your own deck – in fact, it is preferable to do so. That way you will choose a deck that resonates with you and that you enjoy looking at. There are many tarot decks available from the traditional Crowley or Rider Waite Tarot to more modern decks such as Angel Cards or Animal Cards decks.