Psychic: Melinda

Come have a psychic reading with Melinda on the scenic banks of Sedona’s Oak Creek. Get insight and answers from your spirit guides and from those who’ve passed to the other side. Melinda Leslie has over 30 years experience as a professional psychic. Melinda is a Medium and Channel making contact with your: Family or … Read more

Psychic: Scottie

Spiritual Psychic of Sedona Our ‘Senior Psychic’ for over 16yrs! Psychic, Channel, Medium, Clair-‘All’ Palm Reading & Intuitive Tarot Card Reader “I AM” an Open Channel for the Ascended Masters, Angels and your spiritual Teacher & Guides. They assist on ‘All’ your Questions. I ‘soul-travel’ into the energies of people, companies, cities & your pets. … Read more

Psychic: Ron McLain

Medicine Wheel Totems Flicker and snow goose, strong sun moon, wild rose, carnelian agate I am a practicing Shaman and a sacred pipe carrier who takes people out on the land to help them learn to be in better touch with themselves and the elements of Nature. I counsel them for removing emotional blocks and … Read more

Left Brain Development for Psychics

Pilot Training and Flying Airplanes ‘Left Brain Development for Psychics’ By Frank Damato All sensitive psychics, me included, have a more developed intuitive right brain and tend to have problems with focusing and dealing with the more logical left side of the brain. Most psychics have problems with finishing a task or project, get easily … Read more