Left Brain Development for Psychics

PsychicsPilot Training and Flying Airplanes
‘Left Brain Development for Psychics’
By Frank Damato

All sensitive psychics, me included, have a more developed intuitive right brain and tend to have problems with focusing and dealing with the more logical left side of the brain. Most psychics have problems with finishing a task or project, get easily side tracked, tend to be too lofty, find themselves unable to focus on their goals and generally lack grounding in the mundane day to day reality of life and making a living. We suffer with similar symptoms as artists, musicians and writers do, that often times hinders our success. The more successful artists, musicians, writers and psychics have all learned the trick or secret to being more successful in today’s world and ultimately feel more rewarded both financially and spiritually.
The trick is to marry both the right intuitive brain with the left more logical brain. This task is not an easy one but with proper training it can be done. One very good way to accomplish this is through pilot training. As an accomplished pilot and a psychic I know this to be true. Flying an airplane is probably the most left brain challenging and difficult task bar none. And jumping through all the required FAA hoops in pilot training requires a die- hard never quit attitude even when you feel overwhelmed.
Flying an airplane requires a huge amount of focus and multitasking skills. If you get fixated just on one thing you will probably kill yourself. Add to the mix an unexpected weather scenario with turbulence that would make a rough jeep ride seem like a walk in the park and now you’re adding more workload. And just for giggles and grins let’s throw in a minor mechanical malfunction or two. You’re all alone up there at ten thousand feet flying over jagged mountains with your work cut out for you without foul weather or mechanical problems. Now you not only have to fly the airplane, but you have to do it as your being thrashed around similar to a roller coaster and figure out how to solve a radio malfunction or a loss in oil pressure or both. Ninety five percent of the population at large would just throw their hands up and give up to becoming a statistic.
Yes there are risks. But they are calculated risks. You learn to multitask, you learn to focus, you learn to take calculated risks, you develop a sense of ‘staying with it’ until you successfully land the plane, you work the left side of your brain to the maximum. In the inception of America’s space program, the first astronauts were chosen from air force pilots. This is because pilots were the best candidates for getting the job done even if something went wrong and all because of their training. They had lots of courage, great focusing and multitasking skills, an attitude of never quitting and could solve problems even when the brain was overworked.
Thus, was born the saying they had ‘The Right Stuff’. To this day only one half of one percent of the general population has a pilot’s license. I once knew a UCLA brain surgeon who told me the reason he took up flying was because of the mental challenge. When I became a pilot I noticed that I was not only able to focus and multitask much better, I also noticed that my intuitive and psychic skills became sharper and more focused. I truly felt I had ‘the right stuff’.

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