The Sedona Method

Sedona, AZThe Sedona Method is a remarkable technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment.  It consists of a series of questions you ask yourself that leads your awareness to what you are feeling in the moment and gently guides you into the experience of letting go of negative or limiting thoughts and emotions.  It involves welcoming, or fully accepting whatever you are experiencing, noticing the underlying desire behind it, and letting it go; letting it pass through you.
A multitude of things happen every day.  How you process this energy – whether you resist it, get agitated by it, get consumed by it, deny it – determines your physical and mental state most of the time.
When we move from childhood to adulthood we lose the ability to allow our emotions to fade away.  Instead we retain the negative emotion beyond the time when it has served its particular purpose.  We rethink over these hurtful events and continue to re-experience that negative emotion.  The Sedona Method teaches us how to release those unwanted or painful experiences.
The process begins by asking yourself a series of four questions.  With all four of these questions there is no wrong or right answer.  Allow yourself to answer with whatever comes first and experience the questions naturally.
1)  Can you welcome and accept this emotion right now?
When people ask themselves this question the emotion is usually so deeply felt that it is impossible to ignore.  However, if your first inclination is to refuse the emotion, then that is perfectly fine as well.
Sometimes we are unable to specifically identify the emotion.  That is perfectly ok as well.  Simply label it “that uncomfortable feeling” for now.  It is more important that you experience the emotion.  Try to allow the emotion to become fully present.  When we try to ignore or suppress an emotion, we only feed it and give it more power.  For example, if you are feeling nervous, you might experience this as a tightening in your stomach or a quickening of your breathing.
2)  Could I let this go?
Pay close attention to this question.  Notice that you are not being given a command but instead asking yourself a question.  That question is whether it is possible for you to let this emotion go.
To make it easier to let the emotion go, do not think about the emotion as a concept such as stress, anger or envy.  Instead feel the physical sensations that come with that emotion. It is easier to accept that you can release those physical sensations than it is the concept itself.
We all have the capacity to release emotions.  By asking question 2, you empower yourself to make that choice.
3)  Would I let this go?
When we ask ourselves this question, we are questioning whether we have the desire to release this emotion.  This is not a question about a capability.  We are not asking ourselves whether we are capable of wanting to let this emotion go, only if we want to.
4)  When will I let this go?
One of the “tricks” with this question is to see it as an invitation to do it now.  Why not try it now?  However, that does not mean it is a correct answer.
The mind-answer to this question will differ for everyone.  Perhaps you feel something that says you could let this emotion go a week or a month from now.  Maybe you believe it will take you a year before you can release this emotion.  Or maybe your immediate answer is never.  The point is to be direct and honest.
If you have answered that you can release this emotion at some point in the future, then you have shown to yourself two important things.  Firstly, you understand that you have the capacity to choose to release the emotion.  And secondly, you have implicitly stated that you have the desire to let the emotion go.
Repeating the Process
Often you will find that you have released your grip on the emotion by the time you have answered the last question.  You may have released the emotion even if you have answered “no” to the second and third questions.  At other times, asking yourself these questions once will not be sufficient.  Repeat the questions again in the order they are laid out until you feel able to let the negative emotion go.
What makes the Sedona Method a powerful tool that really works, is that it is a process that can be used anytime, anyplace, to improve any area of your life.  It can help you achieve your goals:
*Experience dramatic shifts in self-esteem and self-confidence that will improve your career, ignite passionate romances, create wealth, launch businesses and much more.
*Enjoy deep feelings of inner peace that bring more joy and happiness to every-day life.
*Experience freedom from long-standing emotional challenges such as fear and anxiety, anger management, depression and emotional traumas.
*Effortlessly find the courage to take massive action towards being, doing and having the most exciting things life has to offer.
*Put an end, once and for all, to the struggle to quit smoking, drinking, overeating and other impulsive, addictive, self-defeating behaviors.
With the Sedona Method, you remove the layers of negative emotional content obscuring your basic core by bringing them up into your conscious mind and then letting go of them.  As you remove more and more negativity, you reveal your default nature – happiness, freedom, peace, whatever you want to call it.  This unique technique allows you to let go of the stuff you don’t want and to experience your natural self a heck of a lot sooner and more often than before you read this article.  How’s that for handy?  Why not give it a try?

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