Rowan Moon

Four seasons on the earth - spring, summer, autumn, winter.In our Celtic cycle of spells and magic, January 21 thru February 7 is known as the Lunar month of Rowan. This time of the moons cycle offers you the opportunity to strengthen your resolve and nurture your dreams. When most of our country is blanketed by snow this time of year, the icy landscape of the Rowan Moon sparkles with the promise of what is growing beneath the surface.
This point in the agriculture calendar is marked by the plowing of the soil to prepare it for seed. Any magic performed now is groundwork for the future. The surface of the earth appears barren, but the life force is stirring beneath. Ask yourself what you need to prepare to plant the seeds of your dreams this year.
This is the White month. Celtic spells done in this time are all done in white. Using white candles, white garments and feasting on white food are all to attune to the season.
The Celtic fire festival of Imbolc falls on February 2. It is associated with the Goddess Brigid, to whom the festivities are dedicated. She represents the mother of the newborn Sun and all candle magic is sacred to her.
The rowan tree or mountain ash often grows on craggy mountains, higher than any other tree. Its ability to flourish in bleak places teaches you perseverance. The rowan berries revel a natural pentagram at their base. These attributes give the tree an association of healing and guardianship. Sprays of rowan berries were once hung in cattle barns to protect livestock from disease and sorcery.
The leaves and berries can be used to make divination incense and carrying the bark is believed to create healing in the bearer. The name rowan even comes from the same root word as Rune. Rune stones created from rowan wood are especially powerful.
So let’s put a little magic in our lives and sow some seeds of greatness this winter.

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