lotusLotus symbolically represents karma in many Asian traditions.
A blooming lotus flower is one of the few flowers that
simultaneously carries seeds inside itself while it blooms.
Seed is symbolically seen as cause, the flower effect.

As this year comes to an end and the New Year approaches, we tend to look back on our feelings and ideas of the past year and think about our hopes and expectations in 2015. It seems only reasonable for us to examine the meaning of “karma” inasmuch as this concept may very well have influenced our actions in 2014 and may play a role in what transpires in our lives in the next year.

Karma functions like fate –an inexplicable, unchangeable force coming out of our past, for which we are somehow vaguely responsible and powerless to fight. “Past” in this concept may refer to previous incarnations or simply actions perpetrated earlier in this existence which means that the present moment is shaped both by past and by present actions that in turn shape the future.

Early texts implied that every sense impression, thus all our experiences, can be classed as the result of karma. However, there is some degree of free will inherent in a karmic depiction. The Buddha states that it is an error to believe that everything is determined by karma. Thus the Buddha was refuting the view of the determinists who left no room for free will. It is our own free will to choose this action or another, but having made the choice, the result follows inexorably.

Think of karma as symbolized by flowing water. Sometimes the flow from the past is so strong that little can be done except to stand fast, but there are also times when the flow is gentle enough to be diverted in almost any direction.

Generally, karma means “volitional action.” It is a willed action, originating in the mind of an individual which has a determined effect at some future time. Put simply, the law of karma says that if you do good, you will experience good and if you do evil, you will experience evil. This is not a moral judgment. It is better to think of karma as a kind of natural law, like gravity.

When a person accepts the concept of karma and tries to live life accordingly, the effect is a life imbued with karmic derived positive qualities like wisdom, compassion and generosity. The intentions of an individual as well as the executed actions of such an individual, affect the person and the life he or she lives. Disinterested actions or unintentional actions do not have the same positive or negative karmic effect as interested and intentional actions. For instance, actions that are performed, or arise or originate without any bad intent are considered non-existent in karmic impact or neutral in influence to the individual. Intentions, attitude and desires before and during an action are paramount to karma status. Good karma produces good effect on the actor, while bad karma produces bad effect. This outcome that may not be immediate, could be material, moral or emotional impacting one’s happiness or unhappiness. The effect of karma can be later in one’s current life as well extending to future lives.

A colloquial expression that comes close to the idea of karma, is “what comes around, goes around.”

May 2015 reflect upon your life only positive qualities that exemplify the good character of your past, present and future karma, and may you have a wonderfully Happy New Year!


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