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Sedona Vortex Energy Tours

Sedona Vortex Energy ToursWhat does it truly mean to be married? Everyone has their opinion so we really can’t say. What we do know is that when couples come to rekindle their marriage in Sedona, it can lead them to new and glorious moments together that will remain forever and capsulated within the magnificent walls of Red Rocks.

Our dear friends; Paul and Maureen received such a gift as we journeyed with them through the canyon housing a special, clean and quiet Vortex. Along the way many new sights were provided by Sedona while Anita Owens gave insight into spiritual and meta-physical happenings throughout their hike. This trek consists of an off-road fun-filled ride, an introduction to the Vortex Energies and how it plays a roll within us and many accounts of historical and star-wise events culminating to a finale that was highly unexpected…for most places on earth…but not for Sedona!

After a mesmerizing viewing of the Western end of Sedona’s landscape atop a saddle within the heart of the Vortex Energy, the return hike brought us to an encounter like no other. Off in the distance, Paul and Bear can see two people judiciously plotting their spots and with cameras at the ready, they were taking pictures. Sounds like your average everyday occurrence, but there was one piece of the details that brought this to another planet…literally!

One of the men was wearing a space suit! Yes…a space suit with a helmet and everything! Our curiosities were piqued beyond the norm and we had to introduce ourselves. Upon meeting these two gentlemen, the suit-wearing bloke explained that he was Acturian and was spreading the word to the masses by playing up the; “Out of this world” concept. It was an entertaining moment and all were wide-eyed and smiling as we waved goodbye and returned to our adventure.

At the end of the tour, our wonderful couple gave accounts of their special trip and were exceptionally pleased and quite blown away at what they received. Such things happen here in Sedona among the environmentally sculpted masterpieces of Red Rocks. We come to expect just about anything to happen as we take our clients and friends along special trails and we especially like to help them….

Get their SVET on!!!

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