History beyond the walls

Sedona Vortex Energy Tours As SVET ventured off the beaten path and scampered up a ravine while bouldering along the wonderful Red Rocks, we found the most magnificent set of ruins that had three main walls and a cave that shrunk down to a foot wide around 50 feet in. Artwork was found and leftover … Read more

Watching the beauty as we walk the Red Rocks

Sedona Vortex Energy Tours Today we had a day off to reflect and enjoy. You would think that we might venture off to another town, or to the city or to somewhere other than where we live to enjoy some time off. The reality is, we live in one of the most magnificent places on … Read more

Exploration of the spirit

Sedona Vortex Energy Tours Deep within the individual is a place where we contain our spirit. Our spirit is the piece of each of us that can be enlightened by the wonders around us. When we lose connection with those wonders, we lose our spiritual groundedness. If you find yourself walking down a path and … Read more

Sometimes we need the difficulty!

A recent Vortex Hike Tour brought Annalisa to Sedona and to Cathedral Rock. She was on an extended weekend vacation with her mother and sister and was in need of reaching out and testing her abilities. She chose Cathedral as her destination. Cathedral Rock is not a tall mountain. It isn’t a long hike. It … Read more

Finding the right guide

Imagine getting a guided Vortex tour in a canyon filled with the Red Rocks of Sedona AND being given a psychic reading with Sedona’s most unique clairvoyant/clairaudient! Anita Owens brings that to you on your Sedona Vortex Energy Tour. When James and Chelsea came to us, they were wide eyed and ready for an experience. … Read more

Neither rain nor sleet…

On a colder than normal day in Sedona, Gary and Amy joined Sedona Vortex Energy Tours on a journey of a life time! They received a gentle-as-can-be 4×4 ride to one of the quietest, strongest Vortex locations in Sedona. Along the ride, their education expanded as recent and past historical facts were shared about this … Read more