The Meaning of Family

Ivory Angelic
Ivory Angelic

Angelic Message of the Week

The angels have closely watched the changes our society has experienced over the last few decades. What you may see as the disintegration of family is actually a transmutation of what family means. No longer is the term “family” to be limited to the family we were born into. Family has become larger and even more meaningful.

As you go through your life you will meet people who feel so comfortable, and supportive. They feel like family and there is a reason for this. They ARE family. These people become an important part of the fiber of your life. There is no need to distinguish between birth family and chosen family.

This change allows you to have larger networks of support. Be there for them as they will be there for you. Embrace this change knowing that it is part of God’s master plan.

Ivory Angelic

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