What is a Master Mind Group?

Anita DaltonA Master Mind group is a combination of like minds coming together for a specific goal. In his book “Think And Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill told how valuable Master Mind Groups were to creating success.

Whenever two or more come together the power of the mind is increased tenfold. Exactly how this works I can’t scientifically explain, I just know it works from personal experience.

Forming a Master Mind Group can change your world. It can also be a big task, but well worth the effort. You are the average success of  your five best friends or people you spend time with. You can choose to hang with people who mock you for setting goals or inspire you and give you the power to achieve those goals.

You and only you can select a powerhouse team. Select a tight knit group you respect to accomplish business and personal goals. This is the best way to raise your vibration. Don’t pick people just because you like them or because they need help. I have made the mistake in the past of thinking I could raise the vibration of other people of a lower vibration. That works to some extent, but that wasn’t what I needed and not what we are suggesting here.

A successful Master Mind must operate in complete harmony and cooperation for the success of each member and the group. It has to be a committed group of like minded people who still have plans for their lives. We meet on a weekly basis to bounce ideas, brainstorm, develop your dreams, create synergy, support and learn and empower each other.

There are many different formats to accomplish this I personally have used a Science Of Mind format that I discovered many years ago. But you can use google to explore some formats you might prefer. Next week I will share with you my personal favorite.

Until then,
Namaste, Anita

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