Mother and Daughter explore their psychic selves

Sedona Vortex Energy Tours Sue and Bridgette came to Sedona to find out if they can reach within to find their inner psychic. With a 3 hour Sedona Vortex Energy Tour, they found just what they were looking for. Sue is on her path to enlightenment as she has visited Sedona several times in search … Read more

Psychic: Jennifer

MULTI DIMENSIONAL INTUITIVE Psychic Reader Clairvoyant –Clairsentient – Clairaudient Indigo Lightworker Medium Psychic Channel Card Reader Astrological Guide Reiki Energy Healing Energy Counseling Jennifer has been clairvoyant and clairsentient from birth. She has visions of the future that have come true. Jennifer is empath with the ability to sense and see energy of all kinds. … Read more

Left Brain Development for Psychics

Pilot Training and Flying Airplanes ‘Left Brain Development for Psychics’ By Frank Damato All sensitive psychics, me included, have a more developed intuitive right brain and tend to have problems with focusing and dealing with the more logical left side of the brain. Most psychics have problems with finishing a task or project, get easily … Read more

How to Choose a Psychic

How to Choose a Psychic By Heather Thor Selecting a psychic is not always as easy as it might sound. Consumers who visit the Center for the New Age in Sedona Arizona have pointed out a few key items they look for when seeking advice from a tarot reader or looking into their personal horoscope. … Read more