Gemstone Essences and Chakras

Let’s explore which gemstones and their essences relate to the seven chakras. The chakras are the energy centers surrounding the body that activate the reception and transmission of Life Force (prana, chi). Connecting with these centers and opening the chakras assist in the journey toward self-realization. The embodiment of spirit rests within the crown chakra … Read more

Introduction to Chakras

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel.” Our chakras are invisible energy centers, vortices of spinning energy along the center core of our bodies, interfacing between the physical and subtle (intangible) worlds. Some people can “see” or “feel” the chakras . You may even be able to do this yourself. Lie on your back and … Read more

What is the Kundalini energy?

There is a special form of energy within every individual. This energy has infinite capabilities; however, it has no form or dimension. It has been conceived in different manners under different names in various traditions of the world. In the Hindu tradition, it is “Kundalini,” the transformative energy that awakens consciousness; the primordial dormant energy, … Read more