What is the Kundalini energy?

kundalini, energyThere is a special form of energy within every individual. This energy has infinite capabilities; however, it has no form or dimension. It has been conceived in different manners under different names in various traditions of the world. In the Hindu tradition, it is “Kundalini,” the transformative energy that awakens consciousness; the primordial dormant energy, coiled as a serpent at the base of the spine since birth, awaiting the stimulus to unfold its potential.
There is a set of three nerves which connect the base of the spine to the brain. When Kundalini awakens, it rises through the central nerve to the brain, which causes what seems like an explosion in the brain, since the dormant areas begin to blossom like flowers. All happenings in the spiritual life and all outstanding works in any walk of life – poetry, painting, writing, music, war, science, art philosophy etc. –are related to the awakening of Kundalini. It is the creative energy, the energy of self-expression.
The awakening of Kundalini causes a transformation and transcendence in life. There is a change in the mind, priorities, and attachments. A speeding up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution takes place. As the first symptoms of an awakened Kundalini, some people experience violent shaking of different parts of the body. Aspirants also feel pleasure of a spiritual kind and the brain becomes hot and heavy as if under intoxication.
From the root center at the base of the spine to the crown center on top of the head, there are seven centers of energy called Chakras, through which the Kundalini passes. With the passage of Kundalini through the centers of energy, the transformation and transcendence of personality in the individual takes place. The seventh Chakra lies at the top of the head. It is the seat of cosmic awareness and is the terminal point of the Kundalini’s journey. The arrival of Kundalini at the seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra, is the beginning of cosmic consciousness or self-realization.
There are several methods of achieving this goal –awakening the Kundalini so that it may achieve this higher level of awareness.
Chanting of mantras continuously or endless repetition of sacred passages, serves to tire the mind from thinking about many things and wandering aimlessly, and thereby brings about the desired concentration, a form of self hypnosis which activates the Kundalini.
Meditation arouses Kundalini. When we sit still, our automatic bodily functions find a minimal rhythm, and our mind is energized more fully to dwell on positive thoughts which in turn generate additional energies. Loving thoughts balance and harmonize body-mind, allowing Kundalini to flow from the unseen source.
There is the process of spiritualizing a person with the charge of psychic force. This transmission of power tends to raise the Kundalini in the disciple in the course of time which leads to self realization.
Ritual dance, drumming and many other sacred endeavors can also awaken the Kundalini, but perhaps the most renowned approach to this mystical happening involves Tantra, a discipline integrating yoga, meditation and recognition of the sex drive. In the metaphysical union, sublimation of sex is the factor producing enlightenment and illumination. Through controlled breathing and other disciplines, sexual energy is neither dissipated nor released. Rather, it is converted into pure life force, the Kundalini.
Though Kundalini awakening is perhaps the greatest prize on the spiritual quest, the awakening and its attendant process of renewal is not without peril. The process of transformation can be marked by both emotional and mental states of ecstasy as well as periods of decline and distress. Kundalini awakening can create experiences that mimic psychiatric and somatic disorders. Nothing remains untouched by Kundalini. If you have experienced Kundalini awakening or you’re seeking it, be prepared for a cosmic makeover. The Kundalini’s gifts are incomparable. After receiving them, no one is ever the same.