Beyond the Seven Chakras

(A discourse on the 8th Chakra)

Seven ChakrasIn a recent article we discussed the seven major Chakras and their impact on our physical bodies. In this article, we will discuss the 8th Chakra, a spiritual Chakra which is located above the 7th or Crown Chakra.

The 8th Chakra is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. It is also the Chakra that holds one’s karmic residue – those energy patterns that one has held on to for more than one lifetime. When the eighth center begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness is set in motion. The individual begins to sense him/herself as part of an extended community of beings. This Chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts and abilities which enable the individual to achieve advanced out of body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom.

This center is the gateway to your Self as it expands past this dimension. Thus, this Chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It, therefore, becomes the center of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and worn out. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness and keeps you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas. When this center opens up, you not only begin to take on an awareness to this larger community of energies, but you begin to shed those patterns that have kept you rooted to the planet. This shedding is a natural process as once this center is awakened, the individual is ready to let go of his humanity and grasp onto something larger and divine.

Due to the karmic connection, when this center opens, the experience is not without duress. The extent of the duress is directly connected to what and how much the individual has to let go of. Once the Chakra opens, the individual becomes aware of himself as part of the limitless universe. Information on new levels of awareness and intuition present themselves; old ideas about one’s self and the planet must be discarded. All these factors contribute to the inherent stress. In addition, at the same time one is dealing with all this new information, new psychic abilities appear.

Because karma is involved, any kind of healing that can bring out and clear past life trauma or patterns will help the individual. However, as soon as these old patterns are cleared, there will be an acceleration in spiritual abilities. Mantras are very important when working with these spiritual energy centers because a mantra will unlock the energy needed to complete a healing on these levels and at the same time provide the momentum for the individual to be able to accept his new found talents.

The 7th Chakra traditionally is the Chakra that connects you to your higher self and to divinity. In a sense this is true as the 7th center contains the guide to what you need to do to connect with higher energies and to evolve yourself. It isn’t actually until the 8th Chakra begins to open up and become active that the individual can avail himself of these programs and of the ability to ascend. Until then, the programs remain dormant and the individual will sense only a tentative connection to the divine through the 7th Chakra. This vague quality to divinity is the reason why, when a person finally does open up the 8th center, a true sense of divinity sets in. The perception of what was once a vague notion now becomes a full blown reality.

If a person is trying to evolve past the human condition, but for some reason can not, the 8th center is probably being held closed by some fear. The fact is, any time an individual reaches to develop some extraordinary ability, an ability that goes beyond themselves or others or puts them into contact with the divine community, it shows that the person is ready to advance and open up these higher centers. If a real fear exists here, the 8th Chakra will remain closed, and it may be necessary to delve deeply to expose just what the fear entails, so that the Chakra can open up and the ascending individual can expand. A thorough 8th Chakra clearing is necessary. Also the 8th Chakra holds much karmic residue which the newly ascending individual will have to shed. If the karma that has to be cleared is very old, repaid karma that just is lying around, it would naturally clear over time. However, a clearing process can be quickened by a professional healer or by doing personal work on the 8th Chakra in the form of repetition of the basic mantra: “Ma – Ah – Zot” that translates for those of you interested, to “What is this?” – surely a question we can all ask about the 8th Chakra, a subject beyond this 3-dimensional world.

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