Money Frogs

The Money Frog – also called Three Legged Toad or Frog – has become the holy creature of Feng Shui, protecting against misfortune and promising abundance in wealth. Chinese legends tell that the Money Frog was originally the wife of a legendary figure who stole the Elixir of Immortality from the Goddess of the West. … Read more

More About Money

Why do I keep talking about money? What’s money got to do with Spirituality. Plenty. A lot of so called spiritual people in Sedona say money is not important. They are wrong. It’s part of the game we came here to play on this planet. There are many types of money. There is money you … Read more

Your Relationship With Money Is All About Your Consciousness

When it comes to money, consciousness is most important. If you spend time around wealthy people and the middle class, It’s really an experience to discover the difference of how they both think. The middle class tends to be negative about money and most believe it isn’t possible for them to earn a lot of … Read more

What is Money?

Money Anita Dalton, Owner of the Center for the New Age – Sedona, Arizona I was searching some very old files today and was pleasantly surprised to come across this article apparently written by Ernest Holmes and Frederick Bailes back in 1940. Hey that’s before I was born. They read this on the National Radio … Read more