Your Relationship With Money Is All About Your Consciousness

Anita DaltonWhen it comes to money, consciousness is most important. If you spend time around wealthy people and the middle class, It’s really an experience to discover the difference of how they both think.

The middle class tends to be negative about money and most believe it isn’t possible for them to earn a lot of it. The self made rich , on the other hand believe anything is possible. They have a positive attitude about money and all the good things they can do with it.

While the middle class say “I can’t afford it”, the wealthy know that affording something is not relevant. It really doesn’t matter if the money is there now. The real question is , “Am I passionate enough about this Idea to create other people with money to help me create my dream. Do I believe in myself enough to have the Universe send me the money.”

There is a pervasive belief among the masses that tells them they don’t have the right or are not good enough to ask, hope or pray for prosperity beyond their basic needs. How would they handle millions of dollars? Wealthy people believe they are as good as anyone else and deserve to be rich so they can serve others even more. The behavior that believes there is enough for everyone is what fuels their passion.

Most people have a fear of losing what little money they have. This makes them extremely conservative with money. They fear if they loose it, they won’t make it back. Rich people ,on the other hand, know there is a risk involved. They might loose, but that’s part of the game and they believe they will always be able to earn more.

The majority of people drag themselves to a job they hate with the dream of someday retiring. Some get sick and even die when that time finally comes. Ask yourself this, Is it really possible to get rich now doing what I love. If this belief can be established, then your on your way to living your dream. Why should you settle for anything less? You deserve to be happy. It’s you God given right. Change your mind about money now and see what happens. Namaste, Anita D.

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