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Jamie-300aAura reader and author of Heal Your Aura, Change Your Life. Jamie has appeared on ABC’s The Bachelorette and CBS’s Good Morning America. An expert in her field, Jamie has 15 years experience in aura photography and readings.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Psychic Modalities
Aura Photo

Appeared on Various TV and radio shows
ABC-The Bachelorette
CBS-Good Morning America
PBS-Religion and Ethics
KAZM Radio

A true expert in aura photography


Sedona’s new-age vortexes, aura readings, spiritual offerings
Dawn Gilbertson – Mar. 15, 2011 – The Arizona Republic

auraphotoExample of an Aura Photo

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  1. My husband and I had Couples Aura Photography with Jamie for Valentine’s Day. She was professional, timely and clear in her explanations of the results of our photo. We appreciated the suggested reading material geared to our individual aura’s and the written notes for future reference. Jamie also allowed me to tape the session, which I really appreciated, because you just can’t remember all the details she explains during the session. An all-around unique and interesting experience. Thank you!
    Renee M.

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