Airport Vortex

Airport Mesa Vortex –with one of the best sunset views in all of Sedona, this vortex site emits a subtle electric energy that recharges the physical body and aids in opening our body’s energy centers known as the “chakras.” The energy at this vortex is superb for enhancing psychic abilities and expanding one’s spiritual consciousness.

From the Center for the New Age, drive north to the “Y” intersection of Hwy 89A and Hwy 179. Turn left onto 89A. Drive west on 89A and take the first left onto Airport Road. The vortex is located about half way up Airport Road. There is a parking area on the left. You can walk up the trail directly ahead of you between the two hills. This entire area is the vortex site, so feel free to wander to your own private space where you can sit and relax or meditate.