December Birthstone – Turquoise

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

The name Turquoise comes from an Old French word for Turkish because it was introduced to the French by trade. Turquoise was a popular trade icon because deposits are so rare. The gift of a turquoise was believed to allow the reciever to make friends easily. The association between turquoise and friendship is appropriate because turquoise requires copper and aluminum compounds to work together. The December birthstone is an amazing healing stone for mental and emotional distress . Turquoise is also a great stone for communication, perfect for ones who feel unheard. Turquoise is a truth seeker, making it a perfect gift for one that needs assistance figuring out what is and is not working within their life. Turquoise holds the consciousness of Mother Earth. Strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Enhances communication skills, spiritual attunement, healing and cleansing,  protection from pollutants, grounding and meditation,  protection during visioning and astral travel, peace of mind, healing of the spirit, guidance of the unknown, and initiation of romantic love.