A Vortex?

Sedona has long been known for it’s sacred places that we now call Vortexes. They were given this name by the teacher, author and psychic, Page Bryant, when she channeled the information in 1980. The Native Medicine men and women have been coming here for thousands of years to connect to the Earth and the rest of the Universe.

There are 7 of these particular types of vortexes in the Sedona area. They are called Major Natural Earth Energy Vortexes.

When visiting these power spots it will help you to have an intention for what you want to accomplish with the energy. When you go to them please stay on the trails and treat the land gently. Remember that we share this magnificent red rock desert with the animals, plants, insects and reptiles. We are the visitors.

It will help you to go on a Vortex Experience with our experienced vortex guides so that you have a more complete and inspiring journey.

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