Abundance. As defined the word means to more than enough. Not necessarily piles and piles of money but all that you really need and at least a little more. Prosperity seems to mean something similar but with a slight difference. This word suggests the continuing condition of abundance. So once you possess an abundance you want to couple it with prosperity –those conditions that sustain abundance. Lets call them A&P like the supermarket chain located in some parts of the country –an appropriate metaphor and a little quicker to refer to as I write.

I wish you all A&P. And I wish you something better. I wish you freedom. Now our learning really begins because ideas of abundance change from person to person and from time to time. A superficial understanding of A&P will most often brings to mind money. Not a bad place to start but it does not adequately cover the concept. A person stranded far from civilizations support systems may need food and water than no amount of money could purchase because there are no stores or clean, running water. A person experiencing failing health may have the care of the best doctors but as conditions deteriorate the already highly paid doctors skill does not increase with another infusion of money.

So lets look again at what we really need if we are to ever posses unfailing Abundance sustained by Prosperity. Scriptures speak of a peace that passes understanding. This level of peace suggests that I may be thirsty but I am still at peace –not frantically searching for water. Peace that passes understanding suggests that I, or one I love may be facing death and yet… without separating from a sincere appreciation for life or pulling away from the reality of my lovers failing lie force, I am at peace.

And returning to the issue of money we have all heard or even experienced circumstances that leave us without the money we need in spite of our best effort to responsibly steward our resources and apply our marketable skills. What we need most at this time is peace. A deep peace so deep it cannot be adequately described. But from this place nothing can distract you as you go about your business earning or arranging the fiances you need. Because you are not projecting fear people will respond to your plans. One way or another you will find the money you need.

I have wonderful news for all who are reading this. You already posses this peace and it cannot be taken from you. At the same time I have some less than good news that you really must take to heart. You can squander or dissipate your peace. We can use many different words here but the essence of the matter is that Peace is who you are. But if you forget who your are –if you place too much attention for too long on external, temporary distractions –come your time of need you may have dissipated –weakened the place inside you that great peace flows from.

Peace flows from your spiritual heart, the core of not only who you are but all that is. Because the heart is the source of all that is and because it is the core of who you are, well… do you get it? This is why you already possess A&P, Abundance and Prosperity. And this is why –even if weakened it cannot be taken away. What is important is to keep your reservoir full. When the time comes to drink deeply be sure your heart is full –that you possess an abundance of peace and the regular life practices that assures prosperity.

What must be done to keep your heart full of peace is your personal work –work that only you can do for yourself. As a wise person it is your responsibility in this life is to keep your heart clear and to live from it not from your mind. How this is done is the subject of many good books. But rather than recommend one I suggest you search for yourself. I recommend this because there are so many different ways to say the things we need to hear, Let your heart guide your hand to just the right book –newer books of instruction or ancient scriptures –both containing the teachings of those who have accomplished this work and written of their experience just for you –just for this time.

If you have not developed a method and time for spiritual exercises to both build and maintain your strength see the section titled Sacred Space. Consider setting up an alter to help you settle down, a place where you will spend time regularly clearing and strengthening your heart.

In another section we should talk more about money. It’s importance cannot be underestimated even though it is easily over estimated. Does that sound a little confusing? Well, that’s the way it is when we begin to talk seriously about spiritual growth and health. But first think about peace. Peace that passes understanding. Sounds rather nice, doesn’t it. And it’s our first step in assuring you the freedom of true A&P.

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