Gemstone Essences

Gemstones, minerals and rocks are alive in the same way you and I are. They all carry their unique “essential qualities” and can be extremely helpful and useful. Just as one wears a quartz crystal to remove negative thought patterns, one can ingest the essence of quartz crystal and thereby gain the stone’s qualities within one’s own body. The ability of gemstones to heal is based upon the transference of the stone’s molecular structure into the body at the molecular level where there is a sympathetic resonance.

To make a gemstone essence, choose a day during the time when the moon is waxing, past the first quarter if at all possible. There should be no cloud cover.

Place the stone in distilled water in a stainless steel, enamel or Pyrex pan and boil gently for 13 minutes, not more or less. Let the essence cool, and place in a perfectly clear (no marks or pattern) glass container, or for optimum potency, a quartz crystal container. Either place the container under a pyramid or surround it with quartz and copper pieces until the next morning. One half hour before sunrise, place the container with the essence where it will be directly exposed to the sun’s rising and leave it there for one hour. Remove the container and once again place it either under a pyramid or in an area where it can be surrounded by quartz and copper pieces.

If any debris gets into the container, remove it with a piece of quartz or a toothpick. No metal (except for stainless steel) or plastic utensil should ever touch the essence.

On the evening of the same day, when the moon has risen, remove the container with the essence from the pyramid or quartz area and expose the essence to the moon’s energy for exactly 45 minutes. Both the sun and the moon’s energies combine to provide the essence with “vibrancy.” You will note that the exposure times (90 minutes and 45 minutes) combine to form the number “18” which in the Kabbalah signifies “life.”

The essence is now at its optimum and is ready for use or to be stored. If you are storing the essence, make sure to place the essence in a dark colored glass container and store the bottle in a dark area where it will not be exposed to extreme heat or light. Also, place a few pieces of quartz and copper around the bottle to retain the bottle’s potency.

Gemstone essences contain medical and spiritual qualities to heal the physical and amplify the spiritual aspects of our being. They can be used with or without the chakras in mind. Spiritual and physical growth have long encompassed the seven chakras which are the energy centers surrounding the body that activate the reception and transmission of Life Force. Connecting with these centers and opening the chakras assist in the journey toward self-realization. You can use gemstone essences to enhance your inner being, expand your growth, and to help you on your own personal journey. In next month’s newsletter, we will explore which gemstones and their essences relate to the seven chakras. For now, let’s experiment with making a gemstone essence of Chrysocolla.

You will notice immediate results because of its ability to clear the auric field around the chakras and effect a stable and balancing result. By using this mineral essence, you will notice an enhanced sense of revitalization and a new sense of calm at the very core of your being. Chrysocolla will produce great inner strength and assuredness.

You may also put this essence into a spray bottle and spray it around your home. It will purify the environment and work to eliminate negativity from anyone coming into your home. After doing this, you will be ready to make gemstone essences for the opening and balancing of your seven spiritual centers.