Gemstone Essences and Chakras

Let’s explore which gemstones and their essences relate to the seven chakras.

The chakras are the energy centers surrounding the body that activate the reception and transmission of Life Force (prana, chi). Connecting with these centers and opening the chakras assist in the journey toward self-realization. The embodiment of spirit rests within the crown chakra waiting to be truly discovered. Within the root chakra, resides the Serpent goddess, Kundalini. As the other six chakras are explored in meditation, Kundalini rises up to connect with Spirit and gives the gift of total enlightenment.

Inasmuch as this is the February newsletter that encompasses Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love and giving of one’s heart to another, it seems only appropriate that we begin the enumeration with the Heart Chakra.

Emerald activates the release of emotionally suppressed trauma and brings new awareness of the heart and soul. It will stimulate dreams, enhance psychic and clairvoyant faculties and during meditation, increase deeper spiritual insight. The heart is strengthened to deal with the extra toxins that flow into the system during a cleansing, particularly from a discharge of toxicity in the muscles. Emerald opens the potential of divinity within and brings the gift of prosperity, LOVE, kindness, tranquility and patience. An emerald essence strengthens the heart, liver, kidneys, immune and nervous systems; its properties aid the healing and the function of the pancreas and the spleen.

Garnet is associated with the Root Chakra, the creative force of manifestation. An essence of garnet will stimulate Kundalini. It will assist in the alignment of all the chakras; aid the release of stored stress in muscle tissue; and raise the conscious onto higher spiritual levels. Garnet has the ability to help expand awareness and bring creative ideas to fruition on the physical plane; enhances loving energy and compassionate understanding; and stimulates the Root Chakra to provide a free energy flow through the entire spinal column. Garnet brings healing energy to all disorders of the physical structure as well as to the lungs and circulatory system. It can help to repair and prevent damage to the RNA/DNA structure. Garnet has also been used to equalize sexual energies and enhance the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Carnelian influences all aspects of the Sacral Chakra including primal feelings, sexuality, desire, procreation and pleasure. At the same time, carnelian governs the utilization of creative force and directs self toward divine devotion. This gemstone carries the ability to awaken latent creative potential; brings one the ability to release sorrow, fear and rage and stimulates physical energy and willpower. Carnelian is beneficial in the treatment of gall and kidney stones, viral infections and pollen related allergies.

Tiger’s Eye and its connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra generates the positive use of personal power and will. It heightens sensation during astral travel; facilitates the benefit of psychic awareness and attainment; and brings a newfound ability to center and ground scattered energy. Stubbornness quickly transforms into compassion in the presence of tiger’s eye. Bringing balance to the energy of yin and yang and both hemispheres of the brain, the stone helps in the recall of past lives and brings the gift of abundance in our present existence. Tiger’s Eye is beneficial for the organs situated above the navel and below the chest – the pancreas, liver, digestive system including the stomach and the autonomic nervous system.

Lapis Lazuli will stimulate, activate and cleanse the Throat Chakra. It is a thought amplifier that brings increased personal expression and more articulate speech while speaking in public. Lapis Lazuli creates a sense of strength, vitality and virility; assists in bringing about inner discipline; effectively treats inflammations such as tonsillitis and extends to the esophagus, larynx, and upper bronchial passages. Anxiety and tension are released because the thyroid is stimulated. The lymphatic system, pituitary and thymus are invigorated by Lapis Lazuli and it is effective in assisting the removal of petrochemicals in the body.

Amethyst and its effect on the Third Eye Chakra generates clearing of the subconscious mind for the recognition of divine perfection in all aspects of being and gives one the ability to channel abstract thought. Amethyst stimulates psychic ability, clarity and inspiration. This gemstone strengthens will, expands cosmic awareness and helps balance mental disorders. Amethyst stimulates the pituitary gland strengthening the entire endocrine and immune systems.

Quartz Crystal enhances the Crown Chakra and allows for the identification with the immortal part of one’s self. It balances and purifies energy within body and mind. It will enhance inner vision and clairvoyance along with giving aid toward communication with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Quartz crystal improves circulation and strengthens the central nervous system. It aids the body in regeneration of cellular tissue and will stimulate dynamic activity in the function of the brain.

As a general rule, use 3-5 drops of the essence or elixir under the tongue 3 to 5 times a day three weeks on, one week off. Depending on your sensitivity, you may begin to feel the effects of the essence within a few hours, on up to the end of the first week. Some people may move into the second three week period before effects are experienced. A three month period for each chosen essence is sufficient for the influences to be integrated in to your ethereal and physical body. Most elixirs are more pronounced if taken singularly, but some, such as quartz, are fine when combined with other gems.