Cathedral Rock Vortex/Red Rock Crossing

Cathedral Rock Vortex — while the appearance of this vortex is strength and force, it actually provides one of the most calming and soothing energies in Sedona. As a result, Cathedral Rock is the perfect place for stress reduction, regeneration of the physical body and rejuvenation of one’s spirit and spirituality.

The easiest way to access Cathedral Rock is to drive 4.5 miles west on 89A from the Center for the New Age until you reach Upper Red Rock Loop road. Turn left and drive 1.8 to Chavez Ranch Road. Turn left and follow the pavement to Crescent Moon Park. Turn left into the park and drive as far as possible and then walk to the creek heading towards Cathedral Rock. This whole area is the vortex, but if you want to be right at Cathedral Rock, the following directions will get you there.

An alternative route, though a little longer drive, will take you right to Cathedral Rock. Take a left out of the Center for the New Age parking lot and follow Hwy 179 until you reach the Village of Oak Creek. At the second traffic light, make a right onto Verde Valley School Road. Follow it until the end (5 or more miles) where there is a parking lot. Cross the street and head down the hill to Cathedral Rock.

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