UFO Research Center

Sedona UFO Research Center on Scenic Oak Creek

Come see UFO photos & videos, learn about Sedona’s UFOs, or just stop by and see the creek.  It’s Free! Meet Melinda Leslie “The UFO Lady” Famous Abductee and UFO Expert Researcher/Investigator for over 24 years.

Sit by the water with a UFO book

Watch a UFO video

Watch a presentation of photos of UFOs over Sedona

Learn about Sedona’s UFO sightings and ET contacts

Share your experiences with Melinda or ask her questions

Come on a UFO Sighting Tour

Sedona has long been known as a UFO “hotspot” with sightings occurring regularly and ever since the Native Americans originally living here had visits from the “Star People” The History Channel named Sedona as the number 1 UFO “hotspot” in the US.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it himself.” –Galileo

The Sedona UFO Research Center Trailer is located at The Center for the New Age. Click here for information about Melinda Leslie