A Feng Shui Cure

In Feng Shui, mirrors can be a super effective tool to help increase the powerful positive energy they reflect. In essence, mirrors symbolically double what’s reflected in them. Therefore, any mirror used inside your home should be placed wisely so that the mirror image is a pleasant one or better still, a powerful one because mirrors placed in our surroundings absorb or reflect both positive and negative energy.

Feng Shui mirrors are a common cure used to correct a number of “illnesses” that can be found inside a home. “Shar chi” or “killing breath”( bad energy that comes from bad feng shui areas) can be combated with a mirror. The mirror bounces the negative energy off its reflective surface, diverting its course into your home and leading it away from you, if it’s positioned right. As with all feng shui cures, take care with this and make sure a clear course out of your home is reflected in the mirror so that the bad energy doesn’t stick around. Aiming it at a doorway (not the main door) or window would be ideal.

The true power of mirrors comes from their ability to reflect, but remember, mirrors aren’t the only things that can reflect. For instance, the glass screen of your TV also acts like a mirror and should be treated in exactly the same way as a conventional mirror.

There are do’s and don’ts of Feng Shui mirror placement:

Have frames around mirrors to contain the chi
Replace broken ones
Keep them clean
Reflect your whole image
Always reflect something pleasant

Have jointed or mirror tiles that can distort image
Hang mirrors opposite each other
Place mirrors opposite the bed
Place mirrors opposite doors or windows
Hang bagua mirrors indoors

Convex mirrors –bagua mirrors – are used in Feng shui as a watchful eye. A bagua mirror is a special type of feng shui cure that is used to protect your house from malign energies which may attack the occupants. In addition, they are used outside to deflect the negative energy sources –harsh corners, tall objects and other features. Bagua mirrors represent a yin energy cycle and, as such, should never, never be hung inside the house or they will affect the energies of the occupants.

A bagua mirror should only be used if there is bad feng shui energy facing your home or business. It is not a décor feng shui item and should not be used as such. If you do find yourself in a position that requires subtle protection of your home or office from potentially dangerous “Sha Chi “energies (sharp or attacking structures pointing at your home), or bad energy coming from your neighbors, you may choose to use the bagua mirror. Traditionally, the feng shui bagua mirror is placed above the front door or above a big window that is facing questionable outside energies.

When feng shui mirrors are used properly and with the right mindset, this “magical cure” can be an extremely powerful tool to help enhance the positive energy in many different parts of your life, and ultimately bring you the harmony, happiness and wealth you’ve been searching for!

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