November Birthstones – Citrine – Topaz

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Citrine is actually among the rarest variety of quartz found in nature. Gold gems are especially desired because they channel the power of the sun. The November birthstone is believed to boost your mood and encourage you to appreciate what you have, which is very fitting for the month that includes Thanksgiving. The gift of citrine is a fantastic way to tell someone that they radiate joy and that you enjoy their presence. Citrine is commonly associated with good fortune and boosting one’s self esteem. Promotes prosperity. Dissipates and transmutes negative energy, therefore never needs clearing. Known as the Merchants Stone. Balances the yin-yang energy and all chakras. Fosters creativity, generosity, pleasure, protection, strength, alignment, career success,enjoyment of life and spiritual growth. Stimulates openness. Stabilizes emotions, dispels anger, brings joy.

The name for topaz originated in nineteenth-century Russia to honor the Russian czar. Ownership of this gemstone was restricted to the royal family.  The November Birthstone is commonly referred to as the stone of clarity, Topaz allows a clear head and offers a guide through the path of life. Topaz helps circulate positive energy throughout the body and is an excellent stone for manifestation. Making Topaz the perfect gift for someone feeling a bit lost. Stone of true love and success in all endeavors. Promotes love and joyfulness, individuality and creativity, trust in one’s decisions, action through the laws of attraction and manifestation, finely-tuned cooperation,  healing through meditation, wealth and health, and understanding of the ìbig pictureî of life. Enhances the expression of ideas.

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