Courthouse Butte Vortex

Courthouse Butte Vortex — located just east of Bell Rock Vortex, this powerful energy center juts up from the earth with great strength and determination. This vortex site emits an aura of mystery, history and adventure and many travelers claim they have experienced deep spiritual transformations through the entering of portals located within the rock. This vortex is one of the strongest catalysts for personal and spiritual growth in Sedona.

Courthouse Butte is located off Hwy 179 just north of the Village of Oak Creek. If you are coming from Sedona, this vortex is just 4 miles south of the Center for the New Age. There are a number of turnoffs where you may park your car and follow visible trailheads that will lead you toward this massive vortex. There is also a public parking area south of Bell Rock where you can park your car and easily reach Court House Butte.

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