July Birthstone – Ruby

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Rubies would have been considered a sapphire if it weren’t for their dark red color. This red color comes from the chromium present in the gemstone. Ancient Hindus believed that offering rubies to the god Krishna granted rebirth as emperors. The similarity between rubies and the color of blood has caused a connection with vitality and physical strength. 

The July birthstone increases creativity and empowers you to manifest what your heart desires. Rubies make you feel more passionate about life. Rubies are believed to promote knowledge, health and wealth. It has been associated with amplifying energy and concentration, compassion, loyalty and creativity, making ruby  a perfect gift for someone who could use a reminder that they are full of  life and have a lot to offer to the world around them. Rubies are known to stimulate the heart chakra and assist in the attainment of ones values. Stimulates one to nurturing, bringing in spiritual wisdom, good health, knowledge and wealth. Enhances lucid dreaming,  shielding against psychic attack, decision making, prosperity, and following ones bliss.