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With 20+ years’ experience, Alexander has been called SEDONA’S BEST PSYCHIC / INTUITIVE READER

  • Akashic Records
  • Astro Charts
  • Astrology
  • Channeling
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Numerology
  • Past Life Reading
  • Tarot

“I have had many Readings over the years from a variety of Readers (including ‘AMERICA’S TOP PSYCHIC’) but Alex is the only one I have referred people — including my own daughter — to. His Readings are accurate, informative, and honest. WELL worth the money.”

Positive, Accurate, Life Affirming

Celebrity Clientele

Birth Charts
Progressed Charts (Insight about your current life via your age)
Transit planets effecting your personal charts (What is happening, coming up, and guidance how to take advantage of opportunities personal to you).

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health
  • All Life Path Decisions

Having been ranked as a “World Top” and “Sedona Top Psychic”, Alexander Hunter has followed his passion for the last 30 years, helping people understand their birth, their purpose, life and direction. He relies strongly upon astrology, birth charting, numerology and tarot to see what has happened, what can happen and what you need to do to create the results you want to achieve.

You were put here for a very distinct purpose, and you have very specific questions about your life. The answer only comes from asking those questions you focus on the most. In a reading with Alexander you can expect to learn about where you came from, what your past lives were, what you’re meant to do here in this life, and the answers to those specific questions you seek.

Alexander will pull a birth chart based upon the day, year, time (doesn’t have to be exact time) and location of your birth and then he will access the akashic records to give him a more in-depth view of who you are, who you are meant to be with, and what you are meant to do.

Specific questions you may ask could bring him to his tarot deck where he will be able to see much more than you may have thought possible. Combining this with numerology and his deep connection to the intuitive psychic within him, you will be amazed at what he knows about you without having ever met you.

Alexander is one of few Medical Intuitive’s around the world that can scan your body for potential trouble, disease, issues and discomfort you may be having. He can tell you what to avoid that could cause trouble for you years down the line and what you could be pre-disposed to attract if you do not stay on top of your health.

Alexander has traveled the world, and looks forward to the next trips he plans. While residing in Sedona, Arizona he can be seen at The Center For The New Age in person, or you can schedule a reading with him directly through this site. From time to time Alexander will travel back to Southern California and will do readings there, so be sure to make sure if coming to Sedona you check his schedule.

Aside from helping people achieving the answers they are seeking, Alexanders other passion for life is helping those of another world that desperately need our help and saving. Alexander has worked with Abused Animals, Wolf Rescue, Wolf Rehabilitation and Animal rights organizations around the world. His love of people and animals is evident from the moment you start speaking with him.

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17 Responses to Psychic: Alexander

  1. Alexander was great. I didn’t say much about anything and he was spot on with most of his reading
    – Carmela C.

  2. I had an amazing reading by Alexander on Saturday and did not have the chance to properly thank him. I was given a lot of information and it takes me awhile to absorb it. I was still recovering from the pink jeep tour earlier. Please thank him .it was, the best part of my visit to Sedona.
    Gail A.

  3. I have had many readings over the years from a variety of readers (including “America’s Top Psychic”) but Alex is the only one I have referred people – including my own daughter – to. His readings are accurate, informative, and honest. WELL worth the money. If you are looking for a reading… I highly recommend Alex!
    – Charles A

  4. What an amazing experience! During your next trip to Sedona I highly recommend a reading with Alexander at the Center for the New Age. He connected with me immediately and I was very impressed with his ability and insights. His guidance and answers to my questions were right on and I left the reading feeling empowered and understood. He is the real deal so don’t miss out!
    – Kim C

  5. I wanted an astrological reading of my natal chart and didn’t expect anything beyond that. But Alexander is very gifted intuitively, and his reading drew upon the natal chart, Tarot, and his powerful intuitive abilities. I was blown away by how accurately he described everything about me–my interests, passions, skills, relationships, major life events, and most of all, my life purpose. He totally nailed it! I kept getting chills running up my spine, as his words resonated so much for me. He’s very frank, doesn’t mince words, and yet has a lot of compassion and understanding. He’s the real deal, and I’m ever so grateful for his strong guidance and inspiration (and frankly, a good kick in the rear), which has set me back on the right track for my intended life purpose. I don’t know if every reading will be a life changing event, but this one certainly was! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alexander!
    -Chen Yin N

  6. This is the third time I got a reading from Alexander. I live in Phoenix and there are PLENTY of local psychics, but I drive to Sedona because I feel like Alexander can truly help me answer the questions I need to have answered. After every session I have learned EXACTLY what I needed to learn in order to grow. I am also applying what he has been telling me and I am seeing huge miracles unfold in my life! I highly recommend coming to the Center for the New Age and getting a reading from Alexander!
    – Michele Ann Z

  7. Alexander is obviously talented and intuitive. My time with him gave me closure and clarity on issues I’ve struggled with for years. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Alex.
    – Kilgome

  8. 15 minutes felt like a full hour. Not only did I get my question answered but Alex quickly tuned into other important areas of my life. He was so right on, it was amazing. He is a great astrologer and most compassionate. I left knowing what I needed to do next and feeling confident about it. I would recommend him to anyone.
    – Sondráya B

  9. Informative and intuitive, Alexander clearly has psychic gifts. His reading of mine, using my birthday and time of birth and tarot cards, was powerful because he not only answered my specific questions but also gave me insight and new direction to various aspects in my life I haven’t even considered. I highly recommend him for a reading that could change your life in a positive way!
    – NJ4815

  10. WOW!!!!!!…………. I feel uplifted, hopeful, and re-energized. Alex was caring, professional, and his reading/information was powerful and very accurate. I had no idea that the impulse to have a reading today on Halloween Day for my own clarity of direction would of resulted in this wonderful reading from Alex. He provided the answers that were needed to be heard. If you are in Sedona and visiting the Center For The New Age, be sure to make an appointment with Alex, he won’t disappoint you. Thank you Alex 🙂 Blessings of Light for you. Be well and Take Care!
    – Nicole T.

  11. My reading with Alex was straight forward, compassionate, and highly accurate. With VERY little information Alex was able to understand my challenge and relay spot on information that was easy to follow and resulted in the expected outcome. There are a LOT of readers to choose from in Sedona but if you are looking for the best, then Alex is the one for you!
    – Charles A

  12. I would like to thank the Center for the New Age for having a most wonderful store, staff and psychics. I recently had an astrology reading on my birthday by Alex and I was so please with my reading. I gain personal insight and knowledge of my special place in the Stars, Planets and Moon. Since then I’ve consulted with him during my transitions in my new life. I highly recommend Alex to a friend or anyone who seeks an insightful reading! Gratitude Light & Peace
    – Peaceful505

  13. Truely insightful, Alex is extremely well read and well informed about history which lends meaning and learning to his insights. There are people we are meant to meet and learn from and with in our lives and Alex gave me tools to continue with the lessons I am here to learn. What a gift. I will definitely want to meet with him again.
    – Soulntrng

  14. I received a reading from Alex and it was amazing. Life changing really. Definitely the real deal. I had only signed up for a 15 minute and it went 30 but the time was needed. I would definitely visit Alex again if/when in the area. Amazing!!!
    – Devann H

  15. He was great when he did the readings for my husband and I. He was very informative and very personable. He made us feel very comfortable and we enjoyed speaking to him. We wished we knew what time we were born so that he could have given us more info based on astrology. All in all great experience.
    – Akasha1111

  16. He was spot on. he knew all about my past, present and if what he says about my future is spot on…. well I got some work to do. I hope he is there soon because I want to speak with him more……thank you Alex and new age…..
    – Buhdalover

  17. I had a reading with Alex. He was generous with his time, offered good suggestions, and had good insight. Recommended.
    – Valerie Z.

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