What are Tree Dryads?

Tree DryadsThanks to the Dusty Millers of the English Elfin Tribe of the Silvadobbs, Tree Elves who were kind enough to provide much of this information.
Dryads are the “Higher Self” of trees and tree groups. Whereas trees have tribal characteristics – explicit traits associated with various types of trees i.e. Oak, Sycamore, etc. – Dryads of each tribe have different vibratory rates which enable whole groups of them to live together, quite comfortably in the same small volume of space.
Basically, this is why the countryside feels different from the town; there are a lot more Dryads about. In fact, in many areas, the whole landscape is covered with a thick layer of inter-penetrating Dryads all doing their own thing without us mortals even realizing it and only being vaguely aware of being surrounded by them.
The Dryad has no eyes, but is fully aware of what is going on in all directions at once, having a kind of radar system. It also has no concept of time but takes action as if it can see into the future. Although aware of us, most Dryads are not interested in mankind and tend to ignore us completely. However, those Tree Dryads that live on Ley-Lines, go out of their way to be friendly. It is as if the barrier between their world and ours is much thinner on Ley-Lines, due to the earth energies that pulse along our planet’s Ley-Line Meridian System.
There are a number of very friendly and extremely old Dryads around Sedona; however, they certainly can be found in almost any area. One might locate Ley-Lines by watching the trunks of trees. If you find a tree which grows two trunks or more out of the ground, look around. You might find another one like it. Between the two or more of these ‘special’ trees, there is an energy or Ley-Line. If you find trees with four, five or more trunks growing out from the earth, you might have a crossroads of energy lines there, which causes a small Vortex through the tree or is caused by a Vortex itself.
Dryads can only achieve reproduction by sub-dividing and duplicating themselves in the same manner as cells do. The new Dryad produced in this manner is actually a clone of the original Dryad and knows everything the original Dryad knew. It is also immediately as old as the original Dryad, from the moment of sub-division.
Like humans, some Dryads are ‘old and wise’ and some are just old. Their level of maturity appears to be increased in relation to the length of time their physical bodies have remained rooted in the same place. Very old trees always seem to have wise Dryads, and the older the forest, the wiser the resident Dryads.
When a Dryad inhabits a piece of wood, the wood displays unique properties. We call this wood “LiveWood” to distinguish it from ordinary wood that is living as part of a tree but contains no Dryad. Dryads sometimes place gifts of their special wood alongside the pathways of individuals who love trees, nature and Mother Earth, and who are aware enough to perceive this special gift. Dryads clone themselves into these pieces of wood with the intention to help the human partner while at the same time to acquire the means to see the world without being rooted to the ground and to learn more about human evolution. These freely donated “LiveWood” pieces allow aware individuals to use Dryad Consciousness as a step on the path towards true Cosmic Consciousness.
Although generally invisible, Dryads are great fun to carry around as they operate on the same levels as one’s own Higher Self. The benefit of this relationship may be demonstrated when your Dryad helps you to keep your cool while providing you the confidence you need to overcome stressful situations.
When you find yourself drawn to a piece of wood found alongside your way in a park or the woods, and when picking it up you realize that it is pulsating in your hand, you can be sure that it is the home of a Dryad. If you are clairvoyant or clairvoyant, you might even see colors emanating from this specially-for-you donated LiveWood. You can be sure that this piece has been placed in that particular spot by the Dryad who knew you would come along needing the exact electromagnetic wavelength emanated by the tree from which it came.
Every LiveWood Dryad always has a strong character of its own and no guarantee of its cooperation can be given. Dryads will only work with the people they like and can trust. Therefore, it will pay you to take the time to make friends with them first, before requesting their help. The more you win their confidence, the more help they will give you.
Dryads have a beneficial effect on one’s mental awareness. This is because Dryads have very inquiring minds and your Higher Self soon becomes much more alert and agile trying to answer all their questions. However, bear in mind that they have a life span of about 100 years up to 300 years! so be aware of where you put your LiveWood and with whom you might share it.
Dryads can also change their size at will to suit the current circumstances. With this ability, it does not matter whether you find a big branch or a pocket-sized piece. They make themselves fit into the piece they donate. When the Dryad comes out of the wooden host piece which anchors it to this 3-dimensional world, the Dryad can be very big indeed. However, whatever their size, their character and abilities remain constant.
These tree sprites are all of the neuter gender and we humans are not used to dealing with beings that are neither “he” nor “she.” Luckily, LiveWood Dryads understand this and although they are really an “It” (with a capital letter to show respect), they are quite prepared to respond as either a male or female to please their human partner.
Having read this newsletter, please treat LiveWood with the respect it deserves and maybe you will find the idea of having a chat with the trees in your garden or park not so silly anymore. Remember, many wise people have chosen their meditation place to be under a tree.