Sacred Space

To be sacred is to be set apart. Sacred Space is a physical or emotional sanctuary from a world which knows more of division than unity. The words, “Sacred Space” carry a calming vibration by themselves. They evoke our hope for better things –our trust that there is a place where we can meet with the Divine, our better angels. Because Divine goodness is thought to be invisible it can be helpful to use special objects as we begin to make our connection with that which is Sacred. A rock collected from our wanderings. Crystals and gem stones selected for their specific effects and unique beauty –Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz are particularly good. Add to this images of Divine Deities and pictures of our revered teachers. Set among candles, the air punctuated with the special tang of a favored incense or sage. This may be the initial setting as we begin to approach Sacred Space which is waiting for us to share in a special time of communion. As helpful as it can be to stage and consecrate an alter in a quiet area of our home, from this initial act we begin to learn that Sacred Space –the place we first look to with the aid of external objects, is already in our heart.

What is this heart? Surprisingly some do not know. Not the physical, life pumping heart. Rather, the metaphysical, magnetic heart. Magnetic might seem an odd quality to describe it. But even in the simplest sense, people attract or repel us like magnets based on who they are, better said –what they have made of themselves in their hearts. At a deeper level ultimate god or goodness attracts us from this heart space just as we find ourselves attracted to place our hand over our hearts when moved with joy, longing or grief –instinctively knowing that a great source of solace resides there.

In a larger setting some might travel to an isolated place in the countryside or a far wilderness. this too may be a Sacred Space and as such needs little or nothing of our own adding. Still, that which makes it sacred is our intent and the posture we assume in our heart. As we establish the strength of our commitment to surrender to that which is eternal the truly sacred, we will see it manifest in all creation. But first things first. Clear the path the leads to the heart of all that is and learn the disciplines of surrender of the temporary so that you can dwell peacefully in Sacred Space. Your life will continue. You will face trials. Your life will not be so different from others. But in another sense it will be quite different for you will be in possession of true perspective –that which does not change with time or circumstance. As you continue to dwell in Sacred Space you will come to know a peace that passes understanding. You will have come home.

Scripture tell us to guard our hearts will all diligence. For out of them flow the issues of life. Respect your special Sacred Space. Build for yourselves an alter in the desert that is your everyday life. If you must construct it in a place where you and others pass by in the normal course of your day, cover your alter with a cloth. In this way your mind will not be allowed to make this just one more common or simply decorative feature. Respect shown for Sacred Space is respect for your heart. Bow your heart before all goodness, the Divine immensity. Come to your alter regularly and allow it to teach you that where ever you may travel, you dwell in Sacred Space.

Tom Carroll has offered these words to guide, instruct and bring comfort as you grow in love and service.

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