The color blue is the most popular color in the world. It is one of the three primary colors from which all other colors are derived.

Blue is associated with the fifth Chakra, or energy center in our body. This particular center includes the throat and face area up to and including the third eye. This Chakra center is the focus of the throat thereby encompassing communication in all forms. Wearing a blue scarf or tie, or wearing a necklace with blue stones will help you speak up for yourself and say what needs to be said. In terms of public speaking, blue is the color to wear. Is it any wonder that presidents and male television personalities most often wear blue shirts when facing the public?

The color blue is also associated with peace and calm. When you are feeling tense, or just had a long day, burning a blue candle will help you to relax and feel more peaceful inside.

The area of the father is also connected with blue. If you are having troubles with an authority figure or an older father figure, you may want to wear or have blue calcite next to your skin. This brings calm, clarity and good connection with these individuals.

Royal blue is associated with the 3rd eye location between the eyebrows. This is the region of psychic attunement. There are several blue gemstones – lapis, tourmaline and blue topaz among others – that work with this area.

Azurite is a very powerful stone for stimulating 3rd eye activity. It is good to lie down and place azurite directly on the 3rd eye center. Relax and let it take you to other worlds. Azurite is also good for communication with your spirit guides. Apatite is another important mineral for stimulating the 3rd eye area. It helps expand intuition and clairvoyance! It also helps one to achieve a deep state of meditation and reflection.

Celestite is another blue mineral which acts to open the spiritual realms to a seeker. It stimulates the use of your spiritual gifts. It can assist one in astral travel if that be your desire. Just place celestite near your bed before you go to sleep. As its name implies, celestite can help you communicate with the angelic realms.

Mother Mary is traditionally pictured in blue robes. One might very well emulate this color choice to take pleasure from the many wonderful spiritual and healing potentials the color blue offers you.

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