Yellow – A Gateway to the “Solar Plexus”

Yellow is the color of the third Chakra, found in the solar plexus between the navel and the diaphragm.

As you might expect, the color yellow is concerned with assimilation, with receiving, and with digesting or utilizing energy in many forms. It deals with being able to ingest knowledge and intellectual information. Yellow makes it easier to perform mental work such as school homework or balancing your checkbook. When you need to focus on these types of activities, it is good to wear amber earrings, necklaces or bracelets that have the light or yellow tones in them. When you are sitting by your computer, it is a good idea to burn a yellow candle which will focus your cerebral energies.

Another aspect of yellow that is very important, is its ability to bring joy and lightness of spirit. When one is in a dark mood, yellow can lift one into a pleasant and happy state. It is akin to opening the curtains in a dark room and letting the sunshine in. When you are feeling sad, depressed or for some reason, down in the dumps, put some lemon oil on your solar plexus. This will help to brighten your mood very quickly.

Yellow is good for calming a person when they are nervous or angry. This can work very well with children as well as adults. If your child is having temper tantrums, adding yellow pictures to his surroundings will help diffuse his negative behavior. Yellow is also used to allay fears. Yellow aromatherapy candles that have a citrus fragrance can help relax adults as well as children who are having a real or imagined fear reaction.

This color represents the Ascended Master Kuthumi. This enlightened being lived the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Kuthumi represents the outside, sunlight and the energy of the fairies, devas and elementals. If you wish to attract the fairies to your home or garden, put some citrine stones outside. You can also place the citrine by the window to bring the energy of Kuthumi and the fairies to your home.

And now you know why the classic “Happy Face” is yellow!