A cut. A cold. Cancer or a broken heart. “I’m better than I was, but still healing.” I was born into this world to hold space with all other souls at this vibratory level. Were we are all healing. To us, whole is an ideal not our current address –our center of gravity. An unnecessary operation, a simple, skinned knee. Ulcers might still be the death of me. But I’m healing.

If I we were perfect in every way what would I do next? I can’t say. The truth is, since the day I was born I’ve been healing, tilted slightly of center by an unspecified intuition so as to be falling from where I am toward an ideal I sometimes glimpse but have never allowed myself to believe that I have ever been to… in this lifetime. We see healing as recovery from physical illness but never consider just what it is that we are actually recovering from. Everyone is willing to say or hear the words about us being energetic manifestations of the Infinite, without beginning or end – scintillations of the very radiance of all powerful Father, Mother God…. and you are laying on the couch, missing work today because you’ve got a runny nose?

Thank goodness, thank God for healing. It is that miracle which breaks the laws of physics. Against all of our understanding, disorganization, all broken bodies are able to reform according to patterns of perfection. Neg-entropy –it is called. When all around us, all that composes the physical world is eroding, aging, breaking and dying, we living vessels are capable of healing.

But is it cuts and colds and emotional misfortune that we are recovering from? Might we actually be engaged in an enterprise of greater consequence? Yes. Let’s not play guessing games. Yes, of course. Physically sick, injured or disabled as your body may be –who you really are cannot be touched by this misshapen world. Misunderstand this – fail to appreciate the power of this truth and you are sick. This then is that from which we are recovering –a fatal case of misidentification.

Fight your battle with physical illness and know that all who understand support you. We respect the trial that is pain, physical weakness and disability. At the same time we are pulling for you to make this subject –your illness –an object. Let’s say this again because it is the heart of our life’s work. Make each subject an object. What this means is that rather than inhabiting the story as a subject within which you are merely a character –learn to witness from ever wider –an ever more stable perspective –making all that is happening an object –of which you are merely an observer. Sickness is happening to this body, but I am not this body. Pain is happening… but not to me or you.

This is not a trick –it is a defiant, life saving shift. We must shift our perceptions from the dream in which we imagine ourselves vulnerable to a wide and growing variety of threats to these fragile bodies we habitually say are “us.” In truth, we have bodies but our bodies are not us –not who we really are. You have heard this before. Now allow the truth to be true for you! Our bodies get sick, they break and ultimately they dissolve back into that from which they came. Consciousness is not that. Consciousness is nothing – or better said – no thing. Said one more way to drive this most important point home, anything that you can see is not consciousness. You and I are consciousness –pure consciousness which has no substance –no mass. No mass means no time. No time means eternal. No mass means that you occupy no space. No space means that you have no borders –your are boundless, eternal and beyond pain and suffering. This is true life the promose of all our teachers and sages –over all the countless ages.

Your body may be experiencing illness… but you –the one witnessing – are not that body. All that is – is an object from which you are separate. No more subjective dramas for you –step back and witness with compassionate dispassion –with clarity, as things happen around you. Learn this invaluable lesson and the art by which you experience it as true and accessable as a permanent state of mind. Do not fear those who can destroy the body. Instead, fear the mistaken attitudes society has embraced –those that have deadened the soul.

However successful you might be in finding and effecting cures for your current physical trials –one day your body will die. But you remain. Things arise and these same things all go away after some period of time –but you are truly beyond time. You are that which is eternal. One who knows and develops the strength to live from this perspective is healed. One who does not know this can walk out of all the hospitals in the world with a “clean bill of health” and still be sick at heart.

Mediation practice, the silent prayer of the heart, These contemplative practices transform rather than merely re-translate our religious stories – these are your medicine. These are your psychophysical therapies. With sincere compassion for the suffering and the sufferers all around us I tell you without equivocation… Take up your bed and walk! Let the blind see and the dumb speak. However, above all… Wake Up and be healed. And all who heard the voice of the Prophet said, Amen.

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