Psychic Insights

Psychic Insights

Now that you have navigated your browser to the Center for the New Age’s Web site you may be asking… what’s here for me?

Many people are at that stage in life where they recognize the existence of higher, faster energies – more satisfying states of experience than the ordinary world in which we live.

But it is important to realize that what is ordinary to you and I may be a very strange experience to someone accustomed to the world we think of as the transcendental. “Ordinary,” relates only to that which we are used to. Come – let us introduce you to non-ordinary reality. You may never want to go home!

At the Center For the New Age or via our Web site you can experience:

– Psychic Readings – Our Psy-Chicks and Psy-Guys deliver the goods – Don’t like reading your mail” We can do it for you before the sender attaches the stamp.
– Aura Photos and Amazing Readings based upon what your Aura reveals! There’s more to it than learning to make the proper clothing Color matches.
– Tarot, Horoscope, and Human Design personality Analysis – Personalities – We all have one – or in some case two or three!
– Vortex tours and information – Don’t get sucked in by a second rate vortex tour!
– Tours of Sedona’s Red Rocks – examples of Supernatural Nature! Ya gotta be here for this one. Shipping costs would be prohibitive!
– Chakras and Energy Clearing. Think of, Windex for the soul.
– Ghost Clearings – Better than a restraining order.
– Dream Interpretation – Nothing but Sweet Dreams, from now on.
– Dowsing and Pendulums – How they work – What they do. And which one is right for you.
– UFO, Aliens, Crop Circles. The Truth, The Fiction – The reason for Both!
– 2012 – Informative aids to help us all through this trans-formative time that we are blessed to live in.

The power of these experiences goes beyond the obvious. For example – Obvious would be the wonder of looking at a photograph of your aura. Not so obvious is the power this photo has to shift your perception of what is actually happening in the world that you cannot normally see. One perception may not be any more valuable than another. The problem is being stuck – not realizing that there are many other things happening that our habitual thinking does not allow us to see.

By shifting –altering your perceptions, you open the door to growth. Opening your hard shell of certainty loosens the hold of a narrow interpretation of Life –opening you to Life more abundant! Life truly is abundant –it has no beginning, no end and no limits. Aw –but I experience limits every day –you might tell say. Yes –but for the most part these limits are rooted in choices you made long ago and forgot about. The only other limits are how much fun you can have without damaging your body to the point where it stops working. Trust me –there is plenty of fun to have without hurting yourself!

Beyond all these experiences is the truth of who is really experiencing them. Most people go through life with a mistaken perception of who they are. At the Center For the New Age we can give you the tools of discovery and teach you how to use them.

Be sure to sign up for our Daily e-mail Affirmations. These encouraging email messages will appear as if by magic – just when you need them –to give you added courage as you do battle with the heavy armor that has imprisoned your heart and the hearts of those you share life with. Underneath the armor is love –your true self –their truest selves. Love is all there is.

Join us as we all learn to recognize our true self –as we practice loving one another and finally see that this is how we love ourselves. Did you get that. The “YOU” that you are –is the same “YOU” that they are – so we are all in this in a very “together” sense. We could not be more together if we tried. It’s just a matter of accepting and living from this fact. Okay –enough of that –you’ve probably heard too much of this, “we ’re all One” stuff. And until you experience it –it gets kind of boring to hear it even “One” more time!

We have the psychics. We have the readers. We have a special selection of books to enlighten your thinking. The only think we not have right now…. is you!

Come to the Center and allow us to aid you in your quest to see farther, to love deeper and to enjoy the beauty and wonder that is yours as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Remember this one last thing. There are no short cuts. Growing up is a natural process. When we try to rush it –things get damaged At the same time there is work to be dome and no excuse for procrastination. Where does this leave you? In need of a little encouragement, I would guess. That’s free of charge at the Center for the New Age!

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