We begin with RED, the color of the root or base chakra (energy center) of the body. Red is a powerful color that is strongly linked with the earth. Red is associated with the life force, survival, and other material concerns. It is the color of drive, determination and passion. It is the basic fuel for love. It is a very potent color to use for protection. In this regard, garnets can be used to clear negativity from your energy field. Garnet jewelry, including garnets associated with other gem stones, are very useful against psychic attack.

It is beneficial to wear red when you are around people whom, you feel, drain your energy. Putting on a red scarf is good any time you feel you need a “pick-me-up.”

Red is also a good color for grounding and focusing. It is good to wear red jewelry such as red cinnabar when you have a lot of paperwork to do or details to which you must attend. It is also beneficial to put on red jewelry or clothing after doing yoga or meditation. “Red” will assist you in getting back to your daily routine.

Red is a great help in putting that spark back into your love life. It is the color of sexual passion and stimulation. Use red candles in the bed room and place a jasper heart on the night stand. The color red is also good to use in any ceremony that is concerned with manifestation.

Red is an important color in many traditions. In the Chinese culture, red represents the “chi,” or life force. The Chinese place red objects around the living area to bring energy to the home. Red frogs with coins in their mouth engender prosperity; red ducks in pairs contribute to marital fortune. Red Buddhas, dragons and other statues enhance the chi energy and encourage auspicious occasions.

Native Americans always use the color red to represent one of the major directions. Most often red represents the energy of fire and the direction of the East, the rising sun. The dream catcher is a Native American design of a web in a circle. It is used in the bedroom to capture bad dreams and evil spirits. The dream catchers have red somewhere in the design.

The color red will brighten and energize your life.

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