Orange is a Gateway to Regeneration.

Orange is a color that has been understood very little, and not often used. However, orange offers many benefits when it is understood and utilized properly.

This dynamic color is associated with the second Chakra or energy center. Its area of influence on the body is the reproductive system and this is why orange is associated with the energy of sexual orgasm.

Although this aspect is enough to characterize orange as “fantastic,” the color has other powerful potentials as well. Orange can also be used for its great regenerative power. This vibrant color is utilized to its fullest when it is used to restore the body to a state of balance after it has been through a great shock. Orange is called the shock absorber. When the physical or emotional bodies have been exposed to trauma, the etheric body (the electromagnetic field which surrounds the physical being) moves from the center of the physical body to the left side. This phenomenon causes the individual to be out of balance and ineffectual in their daily life. Wearing orange scarves draped on the left side will help restore balance to this field. Wearing a bracelet of carnelian will also help.

Actually, having carnelian anywhere on the left side of the body is a good way to hasten the recovery from the shock of divorce, death of loved ones, or any type of operation. (It would be good to give anyone who has been traumatized by the recent terrorist attacks on the United States, some form of carnelian jewelry to wear on their body.) Orange essential oil rubbed on the left side of the body is instrumental in helping one get back to normal.

If someone has just had a baby or an operation, give them an orange candle. Putting this color into the life of someone who is recovering from an upset will help them get back on track more quickly.

Orange also helps us get in touch with our past lives. Wearing carnelian when you are having a past life regression will help you release the affliction of that lifetime without having to relive the pain so intensely. You will also see the lesson of that life more clearly.

Having paintings or objects d’art with orange in them in the bedroom will help those afflicted by nightmares. Small statues or polished shapes made from carnelian or orange calcite and placed on the night stand will help provide a restful night’s sleep.

Orange can have many useful applications in our lives. It represents ecstasy and bliss and is a color that can infuse great energy and healing into your life. It is not without reason that orange in any of its shades or tones promotes vim and vigor and the use of orange in daily life hastens the infusion of activity of a positive nature into daily occurrences.

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