Spiritual Growth

The difference between spiritually alive people and the person who sits in church waiting for a priest or pastor or to give them a special word from god is the measure of the contact cultivated with their spiritual heart. It’s all about their spiritual path –the way they live their lives. Everyone has a spiritual path. Some paths generate growth while others tend toward a less desirable outcome. But you are reading this page rather than any of the others you might have chosen. This is not to say that this writer is wise but you, dear reader are searching for wisdom. You will be rewarded.

So what is your spiritual path? How deeply are you ready to engage –to merge with Divine energies? People are like flower buds, each with a time to open –their own time. Attempting to hurry the process only damages the flower. At the same time we recognize that there are seasons. Flowers bloom in their proper season. A bud that waits too long misses its window of opportunity. Flowers do not bloom in winter. It gets sticky at this point unless you choose to embrace reincarnation. This would mean that anyone who does not bloom, or awaken in this life, may do so in another. Be advised. No matter the number or sincerity of the people open to this idea, it can’t be proven. Hard evidence one way or the other does not exist.

However, you are alive now. Use your time well. Set your intention on the highest of things –these being wisdom, love and the truth that you must awaken. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. These highest of aspirations yield a reward far greater that money or any of the other measures of worldly success!

So as a practical matter considering that you find yourself reading these lines –might I most respectfully suggest that you get your ass in gear? My teacher says it less politely so if you think this last line might have been a little too… Please remember, this is not an activity for sissy’s. I really mean this. One of the eight sections written for you here is titled, “Personal Growth.” Personal Growth and Spiritual Growth coincide by degrees and diverge at that point where the reader is prepared to really get serious. If the mildly confrontational tone of these sentences leave you unsettled, go back to the essay on Personal Growth and hang out there for a while longer. However, one of the implications in our flower metaphor is that true love is expressed when we encourage each other. Winter is coming. Get busy! You may have heard it said that we have all the time in the world and not a minute to waste! What are you waiting for?

So, what about your spiritual path? Paths have destinations. Be honest about your intentions where is you allegiance? Do you simply desire personal happiness? Who is included in your circle of love? There are many billions of people on the earth at this time. Who among them is inside and who falls outside of your heart?

Have you accepted the fact that you are not perfect and will never be in the sense of never doing or wanting to do anything that is wrong? Is your sense of right and what is wrong based upon love for others rather than fear of punishment? Do you look to the welfare of others at the same time as, or before satisfying your own appetites?

The power of the Tantric disciplines is just that –discipline. Reserve, so as to increase your reservoir. Listen to your Angels. Celebrate the Goddess and God within. You Wiccans be the voice of our nature consciousness. Same for you Pagans and keepers of the Native American or Shamanistic traditions. May your ceremonies express respect for those of other faiths or no faith at all.

Is your style of spiritual expression your particular “ism” a wall that separates? Or have you built a strong base camp from which you can launch a rescue mission as well as to journey ever further in your quest for union with infinite Divinity?

Are you increasing in sensitivity so as to see more clearly what you have hidden in your heart? When you fall short of what you know to be right do you tell the truth and ask of Grace to extend grace –to forgive and strengthen you? It is very humbling to realize what the Master Teacher meant when he told us that the things we do to the least of these we do to Him. Time and again he reminded us the he lives in us. We are one with him. We really are doing to ourselves anything good or evil that we do or wish upon another.

All this may sound very pious and prudish. But when we have learned these basic lessons when we wake up to who we are Life is waiting to express Itself through us in inexpressibly outrageous vitality! A friend encourages me to remind you that when we are playing with our equals the word is not celibate it’s celebrate!

A spiritual path is whatever path you are on. If you are ready to kick things up a notch or two then ask for help. Your spiritual path emerges naturally based upon what you have intended. If you are ready for more, the change will emerge just as naturally. It will be an accurate expression of the desire of your heart.

Identify wholesome and constructive goals and attitudes. Decide where you wish to be and let you desires mold your activities. We do not simply wish our way to spiritual wholeness –we give this enterprise attention and effort. Our life is a garden and we are the gardeners. If you are a serious gardener you will be employing practices that still the mind and open the heart. Read more about this in the other sections offered in this guide to spiritual wholeness,

Meditative practice and heart opening exercises should be coupled with good diets and physical exercise. Gardeners pull weeds but they also till and fertilize the soil. In the end, all of the gardeners efforts combine to ensure a bountiful harvest enough to supply your needs and enough to share. To compare a garden full of healthy vegetables and beautiful flowers with our lives is a good way to understand our ultimate goal. Seeds are planted. Plants are tended. Truth is expressed in a harvest of varying degrees of clarity, goodness and beauty.

We have considered aspects of good spiritual practice. We are looking to see ourselves clearly and know the truth of our current direction, rate and level of spiritual growth. We want to know these things now, while there is time to make corrections. With a right heart and pure intention just a little time may be all you need. However much or little time you have, remember that clever little phrase… you have all the time in the world but not a moment to waste!

So tell me…how does your garden grow? For your sake and the benefit of all the lives you touch, may your garden be a stunning example of vitality and abundance.

To The One, The perfection of Goodness, Beauty and Truth

The only Being, United with all the Illuminated Souls

Who form the Embodiment of the Master, Spirit of Guidance, source of Hope.

Awaken this One to the nature of True Being. And bring them Home.

Tom Carroll has offered these words to guide, instruct, and bring comfort as you grow in love and service.

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