Green – A Gateway to the “Heart Chakra”

Green is a very popular color and plays an important role in cultures throughout the world.

In the Oriental tradition, green is significant as the representation of the element of wood. It stands for all plant life that is continually growing and expanding. Putting bamboo plants in the eastern area of your home will bring prosperity and abundance. In this same area, Jade or Fluorite statues of the Buddha will promote good luck. Having a statue of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion – Quan Yin – in Jade, will also promote abundance. A jade or fluorite dragon will add energy to the abundance process and burning green candles in the eastern portion of the home will also help with issues of plenty and bountifulness.

The Druid religion of Great Britain also honored the color green. Wearing green was said to connect one with the fertility of the earth. Malachite has strong green energy. Wearing a pendant or bracelet of this gemstone will accelerate abundance.

Green is associated with the fourth Chakra or energy center of the heart. For this reason, green is analogous with emotional healing and release of painful issues of the past. Green jewelry such as green aventurine and fluorite can be used as auric cleansers. Wearing green jewelry in the heart area will help with issues of envy, jealousy and other negative emotions that are associated with love relationships.

Green is also good for creating new beginnings. If you have been going through a big change or release of the past, you may want to have a green statue of the Ganesh, the elephant god of India. He is said to release obstacles on one’s path. You may also wish to have green scarves or beads hanging in your bedroom to promote emotional healing during the dream state.

Chrysocholla is a very good stone for women to use when they wish to go through physical healing.

As you can see, green can be helpful to you in many ways. It will open and heal your emotions, help you take new directions in your life, and give you the prosperity to manifest your dreams.

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